Is ‘After’ The Next Movie Obsession For Young Adults?

Calling all fanfiction lovers, there’s a movie coming out on April 12 called After that will spark your attention. The movie is based on New York Times Best Selling book of the same name. The author is Anna Todd and her popular book series originally began as a fanfiction posted to Wattpad.

Similar to the Fifty Shades of Grey series, Todd’s book series and movie began after seeking inspiration from a fandom she was involved in. In the fanfiction, she uses the members of One Direction as her main characters, with Harry Styles as the leading male antagonist.

In the book, however, she drops the band members’ names and chooses the name Hardin Scott as a replacement for Harry. The story follows two college students and their rocky, sometimes toxic relationship and how they navigate through hardships, drama and adulthood.

The movie is already creating hype, and fans call themselves the “Afternators.” There are endless memes, gifs and Photoshopped images floating around the Internet about After and fans even posted reaction videos to YouTube about the teaser trailer that came out in November.

With all the excitement After is generating, will this movie be the next big thing among young adults? If the first movie does well, there’s the potential to have all four books turned into movies.

Fifty Shades of Grey did well enough in sales to turn all of the books into movies, but the Mortal Instruments failed after one movie and the rest were not produced, so it’s difficult to predict how fans will react. Todd received a movie deal for After before a book deal, so there’s a good chance the entire After series will make it on the big screen if producers were interested that early on.

Luckily for Todd, the stream of teenagers and young adults interested in the movie appear well-invested so far. Since the book follows a college-aged couple who do typical teen things like going to class and attending parties, young readers may be able to relate or find themselves entertained more by this story plot than other lavish fanfiction stories. The fanbase for the book series and movie is starting to expand beyond the original Wattpad readers as more content is posted to the official social media pages and the movie posters get hung up around theatres.

The full trailer is expected to be released on Valentine’s Day and it will drive up even more engagement, so we will just have to wait and see how the movie does in sales once it’s released in two months.

Watch the trailer below:

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