More Than An Alternative Valentines Day: Why Galentines Day Is Such A Big Deal

Gather ’round girlies. As Valentines Day rounds the corner, our timelines overflow with love. There are posts for the romantically paired and posts for the single pringles. Amongst these are Galentines Day posts, often consisting of fun ways to spend this alternative to Valentines Day. But what about its significance? It’s more than a single girl’s alternative Valentines Day. Not steeped in romance, but the love we have for our friends is just as worthy of celebration.

Galentines Day is Every day

Many of us do not wait for February 13th to show our girls how much we love them. Galentines Day is a 365 day (365.25 every fourth year) celebration. We may not realize it right away, but we do show our friends how much we love and appreciate them in small ways. From small favors to slipping into our Superwoman personas and coming to save the day for our friends. Lest we forget all of the weekends and girls nights we spend getting into inside joke worthy shenanigans. Galentines Day is a formal extension of this year-round celebration.

Instead of viewing Galentines Day as the single girl’s version of Valentines Day, look at it as a celebration of a long-lasting bond. History is significant in any relationship, whether it is extensive or brief. Therefore, February 13th is a celebration of a unique and personal history. The time we spend with our friends this Galentines day adds to this ever-growing bond.

She Was There 1st And She Will Be There Long After

The bonds built between girlfriends are just as outstanding and special. Think of the relationship you have with your closest girlfriend(s). You’ve seen a lot, been through a lot together. You guys pay attention to the smallest details of one another. If you are close enough, you guys have seen and helped each other in your most vulnerable hours with no shame. Sometimes we become so close with our gal pals it starts to feel like a psychic connection. That is when you know it’s real. In this harsh world, sometimes we need a soft and comforting place to land. We need those connections that come with no extra terms and conditions, and when these connections do not occur in the form of a love interest, we can always find them in our besties.

As the saying goes, “Lovers come and go, but friends are forever.” Granted friendships may fade, and there may be fallouts, but the bonds created with our closest friends will continue to hang on long after we may have grown apart. After a bad break up, who normally is the first to know about it? Our best friend. Even if they can’t hold in the “I knew it,” they are the first to lend their shoulder in replacement of tissue. They are your cheerleaders through all of your endeavors. They tell you the truth, never to hurt you but to help you succeed. They truly have your back through thick and thin.

Whether it is your absolute best friend or a squad, whether you guys choose to do it big or decide to spend Galentines Day with your favorite snacks and Netflix, take a moment. Genuinely appreciate the presence of your best friend(s) because you all have been through a lot together. They were there before your partner or crush, and they will most likely be there after them. Happy Galentines Day!