#HashtagLunchbag: How A Hashtag Can Change The World

Social media is full of hashtags, but what if I told you those hashtags could actually lead to change? #HashtagLunchbag is doing just that.


Search HashtagLunchbag on Twitter or Instagram, and you’ll see thousands of photos of people holding brown paper lunch bags. In 2012, a group of friends got together to give out 100 lunches in Los Angeles. At the end of the day, they posted on their social media platforms with the hashtag, “HashtagLunchbag”. According to the FAQ on their website, “It started off as a joke. We like humor around here. In 2012, when 5 friends got together on Christmas day to hand out meals in Los Angeles, we randomly tagged our very first photos posted to social media with #HashtagLunchbag as an ode to hashtags because a lot of people love using a hashtag for EVERYTHING and because it rhymed with lunch bag. After that, we just kept rocking with it. Plus, let’s be real, #lunchbag doesn’t look as fun.”

People were so excited about this new movement that they reached out to the founders and asked to join the next event. Now, they host #HashtagLunchbag events once a month in Los Angeles and more than 100 cities have #HashtagLunchbag events.

Each lunch bag has food and a love note. According to their website, “Love notes are a key component of a #HashtagLunchbag event. These notes acknowledge the humanity of the recipient, that which connects each and every one of us.” Their movement seeks to humanize the people they are helping.

Thousands of people are taking part in this hashtag, from college students to celebrities and famous athletes. Madeline Zima, famous for her role in The Nanny, showed her support.

Another recognizable face, Steph Curry, was a part of a HashtagLunchbag event with the Warriors in 2015.

It can be easy to get caught up on the negatives of social media from comparison to the loss of productivity. HashtagLunchbag is an amazing reminder of the good that social media can bring – once you put up your phone and do the work!

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