A Complete Guide To All Of Kylie Jenner’s Pets & Dogs

Big Kylie Jenner fans know that she has a ton of pets. Mostly Kylie has a ton of dogs that she routinely posts on her social media. When she goes weeks without sharing a snap of her pups her fans reach out begging for a photo. It’s crazy and true.


Kylie is obsessed with animals and is definitely a dog person.

The beauty mogul loves her dogs so much she created a luxury dog house for them. The dog house is a miniature home that has AC and heat.


Kylie has too many pets to keep track of. Check out the full list of Kylie’s pets below.


Norman or Normie is Kylie’s first pet! Before Norman Kylie had a few family dogs, but this is the first dog Kylie got on her own. The dog is a grey Italian greyhound. Norman was born in September 2014.



Kylie loved Norman so much she decided to adopt his sister Bambie. She was adopted in 2015.

Norman and Bambie share a joint Instagram account that Kylie used to run. The account hasn’t been active since 2017. The two dogs have more than just a shared IG account, they also share two pups together, Harlie and Rosie.



Harlie is one of Bambie and Norman’s offspring. She and her sister Rosie were born in November 2016. Harlie looks like her father and has blue-gray fur.



Rosie is Harlie’s sister who was also born in November 2016. Rosie is a light blonde color similar to Bambie.



Sophia isn’t photographed as much as Bambie and Norman but she’s still part of the family! She is also an Italian greyhound but is a dark brown color with a white neck, so she stands out for the other four dogs who are either gray or blonde.


Sophia was the third dog Kylie owned.



Tyga, Kylie’s boyfriend at the time, gifted her this adorable pug named Rolly. The English Bulldog was rumored to cost $50,000 and Tyga got him in the breakup.



Kylie also has a floppy eared and a hairy small dog named Odie. He isn’t seen too much on her social media.



Ernie is a long hair Dachshund and is beyond cute. Sometimes he would make appearances on NOrman and Bambie’s Instagram account. He first appeared on Instagram in July 2016. Ernie gets along great with Kylie’s other dogs.



Then Penny was adopted. Penny is another small and too cute dog that Kylie adopted. She was adopted soon after Ernie in August 2016.


Okay, Kylie really does have a chicken. On Life Of Kylie, Kylie was mopping about her break up with Tyga. To cheer her up, her dad Caitlyn brought her fluffy chicken Eddie inside. Kylie was not having it. The chicken is a Silkie and is very popular among celebrities.



Kylie just adopted a brand new puppy named Wesley. Kylie believes the dog is a rottweiler and Chihuahua mix. The Kylie Cosmetics owner has been posting a handful of videos of her new puppy on her Instagram.

The videos of Wesley have other fans asking where her other dogs are at.

Don’t worry Kylie still has all of her pups.