Travis Scott Valentine’s Day Surprise For Kylie Jenner Is So Extra

Travis Scott went the extra mile with Kylie Jenner’s Valentine’s Day surprise.

Travis totally redid the entryway of Kylie’s mansion. He outfitted the space with three rose arches shaped like hearts and a red runway lined with more roses and candles. The runway ended with a neon red heart.

It looks like the arches got smaller and smaller down the runway giving the illusion that the hearts are all inside one another.

The runway was also red and appeared to be mirrored and glittery.

Travis always goes above and beyond with gifts for Kylie and I bet these rose arches are only the start of his Valentine’s Day plans. Before Travis started his Astroworld Tour he decked out Kylie’s foyer and staircase with hundreds of red roses.

The gesture was so over the top that fans thought Travis proposed to Kylie.

For Kylie’s 21st birthday, Travis ordered huge red rose bouquets for her walkway, alongside her driveway and even in her lawn. The flowers led to a vintage Rolls Royce that he gifted her.

Travis loves red roses and grand gestures and Kylie loves filming them.

The couple just celebrated their daughter Stormi’s first birthday. They threw their daughter an elaborate and expensive firth birthday party. The party was Stormiworld themed and was outfit with an inflatable entrance of Stormi’s face.

It’s doubtful that this is the last Valentine’s Day gift surprise Travis has in store for Kylie. What else do you think he’ll do for V-Day?