Things To Do On Spring Break 2019: 10 Affordable Ideas For College Students

After such a long, chilly winter, there’s one week that represents the light at the end of the tunnel–spring break!

If it’s your first year in college, you’re probably more than ready to jet set somewhere tropical with your best friends. Yes, beaches have always been one of the top choices, but unfortunately, they can quickly get expensive and might not suit you if you don’t prefer the crowds.

Between booking flights, hotel rooms for the week, and then splurging on some new bathing suits, your wallet will be struggling a bit.

However, being broke doesn’t mean you have to be bored. Here are some ideas that will make your spring break cheap and filled with fun–even if it’s not totally in the sun.

Take A Road Trip

Road Trip


If you’re tight on budget and just need a change in scenery, then hop in the car with your besties. Some road trips won’t starve your wallets and will still be incredibly worth your time.

Go To A Spa

Man at SPA


After all, breaks are all about rest and relaxation. It’s a week to ditch the planner and the life problems that can come with college. So let’s give away your stress to the sea–or in this case, the spa.

Get A Hotel Room

New Girl-hotel room scene


You don’t have to roam far to get the space you so need this spring break. Those all-inclusive resorts already have their perks: pools, bars, ocean access, and unlimited amounts of food every day!

But if you spend so much time in the sun, you can rarely enjoy what the hotel has offered. So why don’t you have yourself a little ‘staycation’ and book a suite for yourself and some friends for a few nights during the week?

Spend A Warm Day Outside



It might not be 80 degrees outside, but it’s at least a bit nicer than it has been for the past few months. So beat those staycation blues and plan an outdoor takeover. You can get hiking, hit the lake, or bike your way around the city. The exercise and fresh air will make you forget what you feel like you’re missing out on.

Check Out A Waterfall

Training under waterfall


The sea has its perks ‘for shore’ (lol), but wanderlust can also be cured with a waterfall. Find a local state park, grab a camera, and buckle up your hiking boots! There’s a waterfall worth seeing in almost every state and you’ll be surprised at how wonderful this different kind of surf can be.

Dress Up For Your Instagram


No one said that staying at home had to mean snapping boring Instagram posts. Take your city/ town on and see what it has to offer for backdrops. Pack a few different outfits and switch up being photographer and model with your besties.

DIY An Amazing Brunch

Cooking at Late NIght Show With Seth Meyers


Food! So you may not get breakfast in bed at a hotel room or drinking smoothies out of a coconut in Hawaii, you still have what it takes to make a brunch so good that your other friends will want to know what restaurant you’re at. Try to make your favorite dishes and mix it up with a few recipes you’ve never tried.

Go Summer Thrift Shopping

Mean Girls-Shopping scene


It’s already spring break, so you better believe summer’s right around the corner. This is the perfect time to go all out at the thrift store. Make those high-waisted shorts you’ve been eyeing for years, and don’t forget to scout for a perfect ruffle top.

Yoga Retreat

Yoga practice


You might in need of some soul-searching this spring break. If you and your besties feel like doing a little bit of fitness, then a yoga retreat will be the perfect way to get yourself refreshed.

Spend A Day In The City

Sex & The City-NYC


Ah, New York. The concrete jungle won’t have many palm trees, but it’ll still be the perfect getaway for you and your girls! Hop on a train to Grand Central and walk along Fifth Avenue for some shopping right into the Flatiron District.

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