Aurora Henry Pratt Company Active Shooting: Full Story & Must-See Updates

Update (4:30 p.m. EST): The four officers injured in the shooting are reportedly in stable condition.

Update (4:02 p.m. EST): The City of Aurora tweeted that the shooter has been apprehended.

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Early reports indicate there are at least 4 police officers shot and multiple civilians victims during an ongoing active shooting in Illinois.

The shooting is reportedly happening at the Henry Pratt Manufacturing Company, which is located at 641 Archer Ave in Aurora, Illinois.

Reports of an active shooting at the Henry Pratt Manufacturing Company came in around 3:23 p.m. EST.

Local schools have been locked down as a precaution and there is currently a “heavy” police presence on the scene.

The Aurora police department tweeted asking civilians to avoid the area.

At this time, the exact number of injuries and fatalities is unclear. However, The Daily Herald has reported that four City of Aurora police officers and “multiple” civilians have been injured.

Similarly, it is not known if the shooter is still at large. There is no description of the shooter at this time.

Speaking to ABC 7, John Probst — an employee at the Henry Pratt Manufacturing Company — said that the shooter was firing at employees “indiscriminately.”

The reports of an active shooter situation at the Henry Pratt Manufacturing Company in Aurora, Illinois, is just the latest in a string of mass shootings that have impacted the United States in recent years.

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