5 Unique Ways To Spend A Saturday Night In College

Saturday nights in college can be fun-filled… or full of FOMO. If you don’t feel like going to a bar or party, try one of these 5 unique ways to spend a Saturday night!

1. Take a fun class.

Of course, I don’t mean math or history class. Instead, look around for fun classes you can take in your town! Find a new favorite recipe at a cooking class, become the next Bob Ross at a painting class, or get some exercise in at a group fitness class. This will be the perfect way to hang out with your friends and learn something new (and fun) while doing it.

Trivia cards and coffee mug


2. Have a game night.

Host a game night at your house where everyone brings their favorite games, or find a restaurant that holds trivia nights! Come up with a team name ahead of time and tell everyone to dress up in a team “uniform” – think jerseys or tie-dye. No matter what, make sure you bring your A game and eat plenty of delicious food.

Two girls wearing face masks and taking a selfie


3. DIY a spa night.

Switch out your usual Saturday night plans for a relaxing spa session. Put on a refreshing face mask, paint your nails, and turn on your favorite rom-com. College weeks can be so stressful, so take the time on Saturday to pamper yourself with your friends. That way, you’ll be ready to take on the week!

Three women eating cake while sitting on the floor


4. Host a sweet treat potluck.

Ever wanted a chance to be onĀ Food Network? This is your moment! Invite your friends to your place, and tell everyone to bring their favorite sweet treat. Your house will smell amazing when it’s filled with brownies, cookies, and more. Take it up a notch and let everyone vote on the best treat of the night. Of course, don’t forget to give everyone bags so they can bring leftovers home.

Girls eating pizza in pajamas


5. Hold a cheesy Netflix marathon.

Pair the cheesiest movies with your favorite pizza, and settle in for a night full of funny movies! Rank your favorite movies, and make sure you all watch something new. If you don’t feel like watching movies, binge-watch a funny show.

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