The Kardashian Kids’ Best Birthday Party Themes & Decorations

The Kardashian-Jenners always go all out for their kids’ birthdays. Their parties are over the top and their themes are never basic.

Check out their kids’ birthday parties below.

Stormi’s Stormiworld Party

Kylie Jenner‘s firstborn, Stormi Webster, rang in her first birthday in a big way. The theme for her birthday was Stormiworld based on her dad, Travis Scott’s album Astroworld. The entrance way for the party mimicked the Astroworld cover and was a huge inflatable of Stormi’s head.

Inside guests walked through a fake storm and entered into a dreamland. The space was outfitted with a carousel, amusement park swing set and more amusement rides. Everything was branded with Stormi’s names from the french fry containers to the trashcans.

There was also a cloud room that had a neon sign and a ball pit, and a butterfly forest. Photos of Stormi lined the walls of the space and of course, matched the themes of every room.

There was also a Stormi Shop at the party that was filled with shirts and sweatshirts for Stormi’s party.

Stormi’s cake was a real show stopper. The cake had three tiers and was topped with an edible moving carousel.

Also, Baby Shark performed a song. Kylie really went all out.

Chicago’s Alice in Wonderland Party

For Chicago West’s first birthday Kim Kardashian threw an Alice in Wonderland themed party. The reason behind the theme was because Chicago turned one and it’s Alice in WONderland.

Kim turned her entire home into a pseudo-Wonderland. Guests had to walk through a huge garden hedge that had a keyhole entrance lined with red roses.

The hedges continued inside her home. A literal maze of hedges was constructed in her hallway.

There were also hired actors to play characters from the movie, a bouncy house outside, a balloon maker, a life-size chess board and a craft table. At the craft table, the kids could paint the roses red or making crazy hats.

The dessert table was no joke. The cake was Alice in Wonderland theme and it was accompanied by a ton of other delicious sweets like chocolate covered pretzels, cookies, Rice Krispie treats and more.

Looks like a fun first birthday party.

Mason’s Fortnite Party

Kourtney Kardashian’s oldest child, Mason Disick, rang in his 9th birthday with a Fortnite themed party. The party took place in Kourtney’s backyard.

Huge screens were set up with the video game on, so Mason and his friends could all play together.

Kourtney hired DJ Livia to play the party. Her DJ booth was set up in front of huge letters that spelled out Mason’s name.

Mason’s cake was Fortnite themed as well.

Seemed like a fun and lowkey party.

Saint & Reign’s Tarzan Party

Cousins, Saint West, 3, and Reign Disick, 4, had a shared birthday party. Their theme was Tarzan and it was thrown at Kim’s house, of course.

Kim shared the birthday party decorations on her Instagram. “So the boys are obsessed with Tarzan. And we have a Tarzan-themed birthday party and jungle in my house,” Kim told fans while taking them on a tour of the party. “We did this down my hallway.”

“I don’t know if you guys can hear, but there is a rainforest theme music all over the house,” Kim continued.

On top of having decked out decorations, the dessert table at the birthday party was no joke. Kim showed off the animal cake pops, donuts, personalized cakes, cookies, chocolate covered pretzels and more on Instagram. All of the desserts were perfectly on the theme.

“Oh my gosh, how cute are these?” Kim gushed while showing off the delectable sweets. “They love Tarzan! How cute is all of this?”

There were also “merch shirts” for Reign and Saint’s birthday party. Kim showed them off on her Instagram.

“Today is Saint and Reign’s birthday party and we have merch shirts for them by Cactus and Yeezy,” the mother of three said while showing off the shirt.

The shirt is white and reads “Lucky me! It’s my birthday” on the front with a heart and the Sagittarius arrow in the middle. Both of the boys are Sagittarius’.

On the back of the shirt, it says both boys’ names and the date of their birthday party. On one sleeve has a row of smiley faces.

Dream’s Fairy Party

Dream Kardashian’s 2nd birthday party was fairy themed. Rob Kardashian‘s only daughter’s birthday party was thrown at Kylie’s house.

Kylie’s house was outfitted to look like a fairy forest. A wooden teepee was set up in the foyer and guests got their own fairy wings when the entered.

Dream’s birthday made headlines because there was a roach on the cake and Kylie accidentally filmed and posted the incident.

North & Penelope’s Unicorn Party

Of course cousins North West and Penelope Disick had a joint birthday party. North turned 5 and Penelope turned 6.

The party was outside in what looks like Kourtney’s backyard. The girls wore matching rainbow bathing suits and cover-ups and had matching unicorn cakes.

There were “unicorn” rides, big bouncy slide, a cotton candy station and lots more.

It was like a rainbow, unicorn pool party.

Saint & Reign’s Monsters, Inc. Party

In 2017, Saint and Reign also had a joint birthday party. This birthday was Monsters, Inc. themed. Someone’s backyard was outfitted with an ice rink that had balloons over top spelling out, “Merry Monster Mash.”

Reign wore a Scully costume to the party.

The boys had their own Monsters, Inc. cakes. Saint’s cake had an edible Mike on it and Reign’s cake had an edible Scully on top, which is fitting with his costume.

Mason & Reign’s Disney Party

Reign and Mason got a double party in 2017. He and his brother, Mason had a joint Disney themed birthday party. The brothers are born on the exact same day just five years apart.

Kourtney took the kids to Disney World on top of their Mickey themed cakes.

Aunt Khloe Kardashian made sure Mason felt special on his birthday and gifted him a Ferrari balloon arrangement, classic.

It’s almost as nice as a real Ferrari.

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