Spring Break Checklist 2019: 5 Thing You Can’t Forget

The exciting time of the year that always sneaks up on us: spring break.

There’s nothing more exciting than taking a week off from classes and going somewhere fun with your friends. The month before your big trip, however, can feel stressful. Whether it’s making sure your passport is up to date or losing a couple pounds to feel good in that new bikini, there’s a lot to prepare for.

Don’t stress. Read below to ensure you’re fully prepared.


Stay healthy while traveling

Everybody knows traveling weakens your immune system. The guy next to you on the plane won’t stop coughing, and the mental stress of checking in on time has already given you a headache. On top of all this, you and you’re friends agreed on a fun night out instead of a good nights sleep. You’ll sleep when you’re dead, right?

Without proper rest, you leave your body more vulnerable and getting sick becomes easier. No one wants to be the one stuck in bed while everyone else goes on an excursion, so make sure you are fully prepared weeks before leaving.

Write a checklist of everything you need to bring. If you’re prone to headaches and hangovers, pack some extra Tylenol or DayQuil. Taking a multivitamin or a Vitamin C capsule with your breakfast each morning can help strengthen your immune system and fight off potential bugs. Being out in the sun all day can dehydrate you and escalate cold symptoms. Make sure you’re getting enough fluids in your system to stay hydrated, and if traveling abroad be careful about what water you’re drinking. Avoid sharing drinks with people while you’re away, and as hard as it can be, try and get some extra sleep when possible.

Last minute ways to look your best

There is nothing more important than body positivity. Feeling confident in your own skin is essential for enjoying your spring break trip. Take extra care of your body weeks before your trip.

Give your skin more attention before leaving by removing dead cells with body scrubs.

After showering, apply your favorite moisturizer or lotion immediately while still in the bathroom. The steam emitted from the hot water will keep your pores open and enable your skin to absorb the moisture better.

Drink tons of water and double up on fruits and vegetables the week before your trip. Not only will your body thank you, but your skin will too.

If you’re aiming to shed a few pounds before leaving, hit the gym harder the month before. If you’re working out harder,¬†sneak some extra protein into your diet to help build muscle. Swap out your bag of chips for some nuts or trail mix, and hit the dairy section for yogurts or cottage cheese. When you make your lunch, add a hard-boiled egg to your salad and pack a protein bar for later. Cleansing before the trip will have you feeling your best, and make you feel a little less guilty about what you eat while you’re away.


Pack smart

Make a check-list and abide by it, share it with your friends too. As cute as you all want to look, don’t let that distract you from remembering the necessities. Instead of packing your three favorite pairs of wedges, swap two out with some cute flats and some sneakers.

Forgetting the wrong thing can ruin your trip. Don’t forget to pack your passport, phone charger, and a rain jacket just in case. Take cash out of your personal bank before you leave to avoid ATM fees, and make sure you and your friends are on the same page. If everyone assumes they’ll use each other’s sunscreen and toothpaste, you may run out quicker than you think.


Do research

Before you take off to a destination you’ve never been before, do extensive research before you go.

It may sound obvious, but going above and beyond can really improve your experience. Instead of strictly reading the reviews left on your resort, make sure you’ve studied what is included with your stay. Understand your food options, and whether you’ll have complimentary breakfasts or unlimited food and drink. Take into account the WiFi options, and how close it is to other desirable locations.

Finding out excursion options will also improve your planning. Check out what deals they have for tours and day trips. Look into the nightlife downtown and check to see how safe each area is, as being in a new place can be dangerous. Be sure to travel in groups, and know what areas are safe and which aren’t. Knowing all the facts beforehand will make arriving less stressful and more fun.


There’s nothing worse than planning a fun trip with your friends and realizing you all want to do different things.

Before you leave, meet together collectively and make sure you’re all on the same page. Part of your friend group might want to go on a new excursion every day while others want to relax on the beach. Everyone has something different in mind when they imagine their dream vacation. Ensure that you won’t be left behind by communicating and agreeing on what’s best for the group.


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