The Best Bottles Of Wine That Won’t Break The Bank

Hey friends! This week we are talking about one of my favorite things on the entire planet- WINE! I mean let’s be honest, wine pairs well with so many activities and life events. Bad day? Wine. Good day? Wine. Bubble bath? Wine. Nice dinner? Wine. Is anyone else seeing a trend here?

If you’ve ever watched the show Inside the Actors Studio, you’ll know that the host, James Lipton, asks actors and actresses some super random questions. I remember watching the episode when he had the “Glee” cast on, and one of his questions was “what is your favorite noise?” That question has stuck in my head since 2012 and I have always had my answer down pat- the “pop!” sound that corks make when you pull it out of the bottle. We all know the noise, and we all know that once you hear it, you’re in for a good time. In the spirit of our favorite grape juice, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite wines.

I’ve also included the Vivino link for each wine so you guys can check them out to get a better understanding of taste, price, and other customer reviews. Cheers!

Rombauer Chardonnay

One word to describe this deliciousness- BUTTAH! This is my absolute, favorite wine- ever! This is my go-to for special occasions and celebrations. I love giving this wine as a gift because it does have such a sophisticated taste, and I feel like a proud parent when someone new tries it and falls in love. The Rombauer family are the writers of the cookbook, “The Joy of Cooking,” and the cork in their bottles says “The Joy of Wine.” How cute?! Fair warning- this is a more expensive wine. Definitely, one you want to savor and enjoy! The average price is in the $30 range depending on the year of the bottle.

Simi Chardonnay

Another California favorite is my Simi Chard. This is a much more reasonable price compared to the Rombauer. This wine has a similar taste with more hints of fruit. Still a very dry taste though. I love this wine on a summer night sitting by the pool watching the sun go down. Every time I take a sip of this it just makes me think of summer and I’m instantly in a better mood.

Gooseneck Vineyards Grenache Rosé

Okay, I have to admit I am pretty biased towards this company because they are just the absolute sweetest. I couldn’t find where to buy their brand when I was back home in New Jersey for Christmas and they told me where to go (Fairway Market in Woodland Park if you’re in North Jersey, btw!), and then sent me a gift in the mail when I posted a picture of my shopping cart full of wine. Cannot beat that, am I right? Anyways, I love a dry tasting wine. I was always skeptical of trying rosé because I am not a fan of sweet wines. However, this wine gives you the hues of sweetness that are typical in most rosés without being overbearing. Gooseneck surpassed my expectations and I am obsessed. Highly, highly recommend this one for a night in with your girlfriends!

Gooseneck Pinot Grigio

Gooseneck makes the list twice- yes, you heard me right, twice! That’s just how much I love these wines. This is one of the only pinot grigios that I’ll drink. Really nice light taste, not too strong, and perfect for your bubble bath beverage! I have shown most of my friends this wine and every single one said that it was the best pinot they have ever had. Side note, everyone needs to follow Gooseneck Vineyards on Instagram. They post super cute content, and their page is perfectly preppy! Give them a follow @gooseneckvineyards

Babe Rosé with Bubbles

Wine in a can? I was more than skeptical at first, but this is the PERFECT beach wine. I absolutely love the balance between the taste of rosé and the bubbles you get in champagne. The design of the can is super cute with a motivational saying on the back of it. What is not to like about this selection? The cans could be bigger because I just always want more!

La Marca Prosecco

I’ve never met a mimosa I’ve said no to. Especially one with La Marca prosecco in it! My tip for the perfect mimosa, light on the OJ (because, well- more prosecco!) and add a splash of pomegranate juice. The end result, a drink with a pretty color and an even prettier taste. This prosecco is my chameleon beverage because it’s great mixed or as a stand-alone. Plus, who doesn’t love sending a prosecco cork flying across the room?!

One Hope Brut

A bottle of champagne with a cause. This company was started by a bunch of friends who wanted to give back. One Hope gives back to the community and has raised money to provide meals for children, homes for shelter animals, vaccines, and much more! I think the taste of this is champagne is elegant and super smooth. This was the champagne I rang in the New Year with!

Robert Mondavi Private Selection Pinot Noir

I have to admit, a good label gets me. There’s something about the sleek look of the label that first drew my attention to this wine, and the taste is even better. It’s a surprising bold taste for a pinot noir, moderate priced, and perfect for sipping at a bar while catching up with your friends.

Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon

Smooth, bold, dry- perfection! Order yourself a nice filet mignon to pair with this cab. This Cabernet is the OG of Josh Cellars. This is the first wine they produced, and it does not disappoint! This is my absolute favorite winter wine to drink while cuddled up on the couch watching a movie. One of the best things about this wine besides the taste is that you can ALWAYS find it in the stores and it is very reasonably priced. My mom and I were introduced to this wine about three years ago, and it is our go-to red.



Now it’s your turn! I want to know what your favorite wines are, leave a note in the comments below and connect with me on Instagram: @megsmitt. As always, much love and happy drinking!

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