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We live in a time where fast fashion is taking over. It’s so easy to buy into 50% off sales at our favorite online boutiques, and it’s hard to pass up a cute tee that’s only $20.

Rarely, though, do we actually need more clothes. There’s no better time than now to start prioritizing the clothes you already own before looking for the next addition to your wardrobe. There are so many ways to refresh your look without having to dish out cash! Here are a few of my favorites:

Layer, Layer, Layer

Trust me when I say there are endless new outfits just waiting to be put together from the things already on hangers in your closet.

An easy way to create a new look from “old” pieces is by layering. This winter, I’ve been obsessed with putting plain, fitted turtlenecks under more oversized items in my closet. The turtleneck might look boring hanging there by itself, but when you toss on a band tee, knit sweater or tank of any kind, you can transform that boring piece in just a couple of minutes.

Another way to layer with closet staples is by putting a button-up shirt– cotton, plaid, gingham or whatever else you own– under a larger sweater for a business-casual (but trendy) look. Take the look a step further by draping big scarves over jackets for a street style vibe, or letting a pair of crew socks peek out from your sneakers instead of always grabbing for some ankle ones.

Mix Patterns

The explosion of fashion blogging and style influencers across social media has encouraged a really creative approach to putting outfits together. This works in your favor when you’re trying to buy fewer clothes and save money because you can grab your favorite striped sweater and pair it with a leopard print belt or some snake print booties.

Or, maybe it’s a plaid coat or pants that are begging to be worn with a thick cable-knit sweater. Don’t just stop at mixing patterns, either. This works with textures and “clashing” colors, too!

New Accessory Combinations

Lately, layered necklaces are taking over Instagram and jewelry collections worldwide. Layered mismatched chains with different sizes of pendants or jewels are so popular.

It’s so simple to gather up your favorite bracelets, necklaces or rings and make cool stacks from them. Try taking it a step further by pairing together more than two things or pairing up some items that don’t necessarily “match.” One way to achieve this in a few seconds flat is by mixing metals: silver with gold, gold and rose gold– whatever tickles your fancy.

Inspiration Is Everywhere

One of the first things I do when I’m feeling stuck on what to wear or how to wear something is getting on Instagram or Pinterest. You can so easily search the item you want to wear in a hashtag or keyword and get instant outfit inspiration.

For example, if you have a tan jacket but feel like you have nothing to wear it with, search “tan jacket outfit” on Pinterest and let the app put your outfit together for you! Another great one is Tumblr, for general outfit inspiration and finding new looks to recreate with what you already own.

Try it on

It’s easy to forget about the clothes you own, whether it’s due to your closet being unorganized or because your recent purchases take precedence over some of your older favorites. Try grabbing a few things that you haven’t worn in a while and make outfits with them!

Layout three to five things you want to wear but aren’t sure how. You can do this on the floor, on your bed, whatever makes sense for you. Then, lay out the missing pieces and play around until you’ve found new ways to wear what you already have. Repeat this process until you’ve made use out of all the old gems hiding in the back of your closet.

Hopefully, this inspires some of you to re-discover your closet and put your debit cards back in your wallet. Sometimes all it takes is looking at your clothes through a different lens to appreciate what you already have instead of searching for the next best thing. Let 2019 be a year of conscious living and trying new things!

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