5 Ways To Alter Your Skincare Routine From Winter To Spring

Spring is almost upon us! The birds will sing, flowers will bloom, our wardrobes will transition, but most importantly, our skin will change. The winter season can take a massive toll on our complexion leaving it dry, dehydrated, and lacking that natural glow that we all love so much. But, when spring arrives, it’s time for us to revitalize our skin and bring it back to life with the best skincare routine possible.

Here’s how to alter your skincare routine from winter to spring:

1. Exfoliate

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Scrub away those dead skin cells that the winter season has left you with. Winter makes your skin dry and dead skin cells can clog your pores leaving your skin looking less than fresh. To solve this problem, add an exfoliator to your skincare routine. Exfoliating your skin is the best way to rejuvenate it after a long cold season.  Since everyone’s skin is different, you are the judge on how often you need to exfoliate.

2. Use a lightweight moisturizer

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In the winter, we gravitate towards a heavy moisturizer to compensate for the fact that our skin is beyond dehydrated. But now that we are saying goodbye to the cold temps and harsh winds, we can use a light moisturizer that will let our skin breathe a little bit more. The switch from a heavy to light moisturizer in the spring is crucial. The switch will allow our pores to open up, hydrate, and not be left with a greasy finish.

3. Add an SPF

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You may not believe this, but this is a step in your skincare routine that you should be doing year-round. It’s hard to wrap our heads around the fact that we should be wearing sunscreen in the winter, so if you don’t do it, it’s okay. But, when spring rolls around this is beyond important for our skin. Most moisturizers have a sunscreen built right into the formula. The sun is extremely damaging to our skin and can leave us with dark spots and wrinkles down the road, which is why we need to prevent damage by adding an SPF on top of our moisturizer. Nothing crazy, but at least SPF 15.

4. Switch to a tinted moisturizer

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When spring rolls around, temperatures change and get hotter, meaning you’re more likely to sweat throughout the day. This can leave your skin looking and feeling oily. To solve that problem, try switching to a tinted moisturizer. Not only will this take one more step off of your skincare routine, but it will leave your skin looking and feeling a lot better. A tinted moisturizer will give your skin all the moisturizing it needs for the day, and it will act as a foundation, making your skin an even tone and allowing it to breathe even more.

5. Facemasks

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Facemasks will be your best friend once spring arrives. Just like winter is damaging to our skin, the spring season can also leave our skin feeling oily, sunburnt, or dirty. Facemasks are the perfect way to unclog pores, hydrate skin, and add some shine. Just by doing a facemask a few times a week, your skin will have a new glow to it that you were missing all winter long. Not to mention, facemasks are also a great way to relax and treat yourself after a long stressful day. You can choose a DIY facemask or you can purchase one at any drug store or makeup store!

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