The 5 Important Ways To Make Your Mornings More Successful

The way you start your morning off is crucial. Getting your day off to a good start can make or break how the rest of it goes. With this being said, starting your morning off right isn’t easy. After hitting the snooze button once it’s easy to do it another couple of times. To top this off, you’re now running late and skipping breakfast, rushing to work or class still in a daze. It’s easy to see how this can hinder the energy you bring into the afternoon and evening.

Read these five tips on how to start your morning off right.

Drink a glass of water

glass of water


After going an entire night without hydrating, your body will thank you for this. Most sources suggest drinking 16oz. of water first thing in the morning to kick off your metabolism, clear out toxins, and even reduce how hungry you feel throughout the day. Going roughly eight hours without liquids leaves your body dehydrated and depleted. With your brain tissue being 75% water, being dehydrated can also leave you feeling drained of energy and less alert. The benefits of drinking water first thing in the morning are endless.


College girl doing exercise


Working out at night is obviously better than skipping a workout entirely. However, working out in the morning as opposed to the evening has proven to be even more beneficial. In a study published by Medicine & Science in Sports & Medicine researchers found that women who worked out in the morning ate less throughout the day, finding comfort foods less appealing than those who opted out of the morning workout session. On top of all this, working out in the morning has been revealed to inspire you to stay active throughout the day, lower your chance for diabetes, and help you sleep better at night.

Eat breakfast

breakfast with eggs and avacado


Being recognized as “the most important meal of the day” is simply an understatement. Eating breakfast has countless benefits, including boosting your metabolism, getting you closer to the recommended amount of daily fruits and vegetables, and better performance throughout the day. Missing your first meal will not only affect your mental state, but your physical ability to lower BMI and burn calories as well.

Plan your day

girl planning her day


You’ve worked out, had a healthy breakfast, and hydrated all before the afternoon has hit. These small accomplishments will have you feeling encouraged to take on even more. Having a “to-do list” for the day helps you remain focused and willing to cross off each item. Rank them in priority, and get to it after you’re finished taking care of yourself.

Check your e-mail and read the news

girl checking her e-mail on a tablet


Scanning your inbox for essential e-mails can really pull some weight from off your shoulders. Not only are you getting ahead of what you will need to do eventually, but you get on top of it first thing in the morning. Doing this with a clear mind may help you concentrate easier on more challenging projects later in the day, Jenna Goudreau writes in an article published in Inc. Reading the news daily and keeping up with current events will also help you spark conversations throughout the day and keep you in the loop.


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