Caitlin Secrist: Full Story & Must-See Details

Caitlin Secrist, a 21-year-old student at Central Arizona College, could potentially die if she is unable to get a copy of her medical records, which were repossessed due to the Florence Hospital at Anthem and Gilbert Hospital’s bankruptcy.

According to a report from the Arizona Republic, Secrist is facing the potential of death as creditors of Florence Hospital at Anthem and Gilbert Hospital — which shut down in June 2018 due to bankruptcy– litigate who should have access to the seized records.

Reports indicate that the delay in obtaining Secrist’s medical records is “the only thing” preventing her from receiving surgery from one of Johns Hopkins Hospital’s best doctors.

“Without those records, we can’t go forward. We can’t make me better,” said Secrist told the Arizona Republic. “Having my life, practically, in the hands of a judge and people I don’t even know, who don’t even know my situation, it’s upsetting.”

Secrist is not the only one currently dealing with this medical records retrieval issue, as court records show that over 300 former patients of Florence Hospital at Anthem and Gilbert Hospital have requested medical records without success since June 2018.

Bradley Cosman, a lawyer for the creditors, says that “it is too technically difficult to reactivate the entire electronic-records system to respond to an individual request.”

Conversely, if Secrist gets the treatment she needs and survives this ordeal, she said she wants to become a nurse so she can “pay back for all those nurses that made me happy when I was in the hospital.”

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