Top 5 Effective Ways For A Night Of Better Sleep

We all have heard a good nights rest is the key to a healthy mind and body, and it’s true. Sleeping throughout the night is essential for your body and mind as they both need that kind of rest. Whether you’re a person, who can function on 4 hours of sleep or need those 10 hours we can all agree on the fact that sleeping well contributes towards our attitude for the day. Having a good nights sleep is essential; it can reduce the symptoms of anxiety, stress and help with depression. Here are 5 helpful ways for a night of better sleep.

Try Not Using Technology An Hour Before

A woman using her phone while in bed


Let’s put down the phone, let’s turn off the t.v., and the computer an hour before heading off to sleep. Technology can trick our brains into thinking we are up and about, therefore preventing us from getting tired faster and sleeping. Try reading a book during that hour before sleeping. It won’t have the same effects as technology, you’re getting in your 1 hour of reading and reading while laying down in bed will help you become tired faster. If it’s hard to try an hour do 30 minutes for a few days instead to begin with, what matters is you put the technology down.

Set The Mood

A woman in bed reading a book


Take a nice shower before getting into bed. Feeling freshly cleaned and refreshed will help with falling asleep faster as your body feels relaxed and happy. Spray some lavender in the air of your room or on your pillow. The scent of lavender can be calming and many people use it to help fall asleep faster. Turn off the lights! With the lights on your mind is tricked into thinking it’s not time to go to sleep yet, turn them off and your brain is able to produce melatonin which is the chemical produced to sleep.

Workout In The Day

A woman exercising in the park


Working out in the day can help to release energy in the body and stress. By night time your body is ready for the bed, and it can also contribute to increasing the duration of your sleeping time. More time you spend resting. Exercise may also decrease insomnia so better chances of getting to sleep at night. Plus all the other health benefits exercising comes with, a decrease in stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms.

Eat A Nice Dinner

A dinner plate full of vegetables


Pamper your body, we all have heard of food itis. Eating a great and filling meal before bed can lead to a “food coma.” Getting drowsiness and being able to go to sleep right away with a happy and filled stomach. One that is not going to keep you up at night with growling and the feeling of starving.

Drink Some Tea

A woman drinking tea and reading a book in bed


Tea can have a lot of health benefits for the body including calming benefits to help sleep better. A personal favorite is Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea and chamomile tea. A few sips of tea while in bed and reading a book is an effective way of experiencing the tea’s calming benefits and falling asleep faster.

Caitlin Secrist: Full Story & Must-See Details
Caitlin Secrist: Full Story & Must-See Details
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