Khloe Kardashian Posts Emotional Quotes About Betrayal After Cheating Scandal

Khloe Kardashian has posted emotional quotes about betrayal and cheating on her Instagram story.

The mother of one hasn’t directly spoken out about the recent cheating scandal between her baby daddy Tristan Thompson and Kylie Jenner‘s BFF Jordyn Woods, but her posts are pretty explicit.

Posting emotional quotes, poems and sayings on her story is nothing new. But these recent postings are all about cheating and betrayal.

“The worst pain is gettin hurt by a person you explained your pain to,” Khloe shared on her Instagram.

Followed by, “Somebody needs to hear this…That betrayal was your blessing!!!”

“If they ask you about me, tell them: ‘She was the only person that loved me with honesty, and I broke her,'” was the final quote followed by a drawing of a girl crying.

On February 19, news broke that Tristan allegedly hooked up with Jordyn at a house party over the weekend. Tristan cheating on Khloe isn’t shocking, he’s done it before. The shocking part is that Jordyn, a long time friend of the family, would do such a thing.

Jordyn and Kylie have been BFFs for years now and even call each other wifey. Jordyn also used to live with Kylie, but she kicked her out of the house because of the cheating drama.

“The whole family is furious,” a source told People magazine. “They were blindsided.”

Another source told People that the Kardashians are “beyond angry and disgusted” with Jordyn. The whole family is planning on cutting her off.

Jordyn is part of the Good Squad for Good American, the denim company Khloe co-owns. We’ll see if Jordyn continues to model for the brand.

Jordyn is very tight with the family and is always invited to their events. She was there for Stormi Webster’s first birthday party, most Christmas Eve parties and even had a BFF makeup collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics.

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