Yalitza Aparicio Boyfriends 2021: Who Is She Dating Now?

Yalitza Apraicio is nominated for an Oscar this year for her performance in Roma. The Mexican actress is the first indigenous woman to be nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards. Her film debut was Roma so yeah, expectations for the budding actress are high.

Before she was cast in Roma, Apraicio was an aspiring pre-school teacher. Her sister was going out for a casting call for a movie that was being partially shot in their town. She brought Apraicio along and made her audition instead.

“She was very, very happy for me that they cast me. Even though I’m not a talkative person,” Apraicio said.

Apraicio was cast out of 3,000 hopefuls who auditioned for the role as Cleo.

Roma is a black and white, subtitled film about a maid, Cleo, working for a middle-class family in Mexico City in the 70s

Apraicio had to learn Mixtec language for the film. Her father is Mixtec, but she never learned how to speak the language.

She is the first indigenous woman nominated for Best Actress, second Mexican woman nominated and fourth Latina woman nominated.

Even if she doesn’t win the Oscar for Roma, her story of going as a nobody in their 20s to an Oscar-nominated actress is a Cinderella story.

Check out her full dating history below

Apraicio hasn’t dated anyone publicly since she’s risen to fame. Even though she doesn’t few herself has an actress, fi she wins the Academy Award her personal life won’t be too personal anymore.


Yalitza Aparicio is a Mexican actress who received fame last year as Cleo in Roma, she is currently single and looking to focus on her career.

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