Top 10 Must-Watch Travel YouTubers In 2019

We all want to travel abroad to some extent during our lifetime but it’s a big world. Where would you start? Do you know where you want to go? What is it like there? How do I afford to travel? All of these are very real questions when it comes to traveling- especially while you are in college or fresh out of college. Not to worry, here is a list of 10 travel vloggers to check out who will quell any worries you have about traveling.

1. Maryjane Byarm

Maryjane Byarm is proof that you can do quite literally anything when you set your mind to it. This girl made a goal to visit 100 countries in one year and that she did. If you dream of doing serious travel one day or just love watching gorgeous, high-quality videos of places around the world then you have to check out this channel. Hopefully, Maryjane will soon take us with her to visit the other 96 countries.

2. Vagabrothers

Informative, beautifully filmed and fun. Brothers, Marko and Alex began their travels after graduating from university and teaching English abroad. The Vagabrothers film helpful travel tips and travel guides of the countries they visit. When watching their videos, it is hard not to admire their thorough research they do about the destinations.

3. Soniastravels

One of the most helpful channels in the travel sector of Youtube. Sonia has been on YouTube since 2012 giving people professional, funny and incredibly informative videos on traveling. Any travel question you could possibly have guaranteed Sonia has a video for it. Check out this video on how to pack in 15 minutes- I know it helped me.

4. Gareth Leonard

Formerly known as Tourist2townie, Gareth began his travels after making the decision to spend a year in Argentina. In Buenos Aires, he began to immerse himself in the language and local culture. From there he traveled throughout South America and across the globe. One thing that makes Gareth unique in his travel videos is his willingness to dive into the local culture. Also check out his website tourist2townie.

5. Hey Nadine

Much like Sonia, Nadine is here to help solve your traveling woes. The Canadian vlogger travels to some of the most sought after destinations, however, it’s her savvy yet casual way of filming that makes it feel you are right there with her for the adventure.

6. Mark Weins

This one is for the foodies. If you are into travel and foreign cuisine then Mark, formerly known as Migrationology, has you covered. Follow his adventures across the globe and of course trying the authentic local food.

7. Kristen & Siya

This adorable couple travels the world together. Their approach to travel vlogging is multifaceted. From Siya’s videography and Kristen acting out funny stories from their travels to their road trip from LA to Toronto. It’s hard to get bored with this channel.

8. OneikaTraveller

Oneika has been in the travel vlogging game for a minute- hopping from country to country, continent to continent. Not only is her content informative but she is also very candid about her experiences traveling around the world as a Black woman.

9. GlobeTrotterAlpha

This channel is quite different from the others on this list. GlobeTrotterAlpha is for the lovers of scenery as it is not a typical travel vlog channel. The channel consists of live action shots from destinations around the world almost as if you- the viewer- are actually there. If you want to find a channel that transports you to all the places on your travel bucket list without leaving the comfort of your bed, check out GlobeTrotterAlpha.

10. RayaWasHere

Not only great for travel inspiration but this is a great pick me up channel as well. RayaWasHere’s channel consists of course travel as well as personal growth. Her channel is especially great for those who wish to explore the world as well as themselves.

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