4 Useful Tips For Surviving College While Feeling Sick

It’s that time of year where everyone is sick. If you find yourself sneezing and coughing, follow these 4 tips for surviving college while feeling sick. Then, make yourself a doctor’s appointment!

1. Prioritize and say no to “extra” things.

Woman studying in bed


Now isn’t the time to go to dinner with friends “just because” or plan five coffee dates in one day! Make a list of priorities and be aware of how much you can actually do while feeling sick. Two top priorities should be your health and your schoolwork. Don’t worry about missing out – you’ll always be able to make plans for when you feel better!

2. Make healthy decisions.

Woman drinking water at desk


Let’s be honest, you probably won’t want to exercise or cook when you aren’t feeling well. Instead, work with what you can! If you’re picking up fast food, choose foods that make you feel good. While you feel sick, be sure that you’re drinking plenty of fluids… and not just coffee.

3. Take advantage of energy bursts.

Woman doing homework at desk


When you feel sick or you just aren’t feeling your best, you still have deadlines to make, whether they’re small homework assignments or bigger projects. Utilize your energy when it comes, even if it’s only for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes of energy could give you a great head start on a paper! If you don’t have homework to do, you could use that energy to clean your room or even just make your bed.

4. Sleep!

Sick woman taking a nap


If you aren’t feeling your best, whether it’s from a small cold or from being burnt out, sleep will always help! Forget pulling an all-nighter on a sick day. Instead, rest when you can and save your energy for the necessary schoolwork. Even if you aren’t normally a napper, one extra hour of sleep after class could help you recharge before conquering your homework.

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