The 5 Ways You Can Individually Help Save The Planet

It’s no secret that the effects of climate change are becoming more and more evident every day. Some cities that rarely see snow are witnessing storms, while other towns are experiencing their warmest February in years. The controversy regarding climate change can be confusing. Although it may seem like one person cannot make a difference in the grand scheme of things, only good can come out of an individual reducing their ecological footprint.

Read below for a few simple ways you can help better the planet.

Use a dishwasher

A dishwasher filled with dishes and utensils


Think of how much water you use while washing dishes by hand. While you wash each dish separately, your faucet spews out 1.5 gallons of water per minute. New dishwasher models use 3.5 gallons or less during a cycle, each one cleaning a few full sinks worth of dishes. If your house does not have a dishwasher, try turning the faucet off while you scrub each plate instead of letting it run. Make sure you’re doing the same while you brush your teeth or wash your face.

Take a walk, don’t be lazy

A businesswoman walking down the sidewalk


Of course, sometimes we hit snooze one too many times and are late. On top of this, your professor takes attendance for this class, so you have no other choice than to hop in your car and get to your destination as fast as you can. In situations where your stop is within walking distance, leave your car at home. Whether you’re headed to a lecture or the dining hall across campus if you can walk there go for it. The less you use your vehicle, the less fuel you emit helping keep the air just a little bit cleaner.

Monitor your food waste

Close-up of person throwing food away


An immense amount of energy goes into the process of food production. To produce only one pound of meat, it takes roughly 2,400 gallons of water. Consider the amount of energy that goes into the food, accompanied by an individuals car ride to and from the grocery store. Keep your leftovers, or make smaller portions to ensure food is put to good use.

Stop taking a million napkins

A hand holding out a napkin


It’s common, and we even think of it as being polite sometimes. You’re grabbing lunch with your friends and snatch a handful of napkins for the table. Even when you’re eating alone, there are plenty of times you can recall snagging five extra just in case. Studies have shown that extensive amounts of space in landfills can be saved if everybody used at least one less each day.

Use all of your paper

Close-up of person writing with a pen on a piece of paper


Another non-eco-friendly thing we are all guilty of is overusing paper. When taking notes in class or printing out a document, it’s easy to make the document double sided or write to the end of the page on a piece of paper. 42% of trees collected for industrial use go towards paper production. The paper industry not only requires an extensive amount of water in production but is a big water polluter as well. Saving paper can have a substantial impact on the planet in the long run.

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