Mary Ann Lisanti: Photos, Full Story & Must-See Details

Mary Ann Lisanti, a 51-year-old Democratic government official in Maryland, has issued an apology to the public after she allegedly called one of the state’s black counties an “n-word district.”

According to reports, Lisanti — who is a Democrat in Harford County — allegedly used the phrase “n-word district” while speaking to a colleague at a cigar bar in Annapolis during an after-work social gathering.

When originally confronted by The Washington Post about her alleged use of the slur, Lisanti initially claimed to not “recall” saying that, saying that she does not “recall much of that evening.”

However, on Monday, February 25, Lisanti issued an apology to Maryland’s Legislative Black Caucus. Democratic Delegate Darryl Barnes said that Lisanti “apologized several times.”

“She recognizes how she has hurt so many within the caucus, and she hoped to repent from this. She said that she doesn’t remember fully what happened, but she recognizes what happened,” Barnes told The Washington Post.

While Lisanti did not respond to the media’s request for comment, she did release a statement further apologizing for her actions and announcing that she would be stepping down as chair of the unemployment insurance subcommittee on the House Economic Matters Committee.

“I understand that the use of inappropriate and insensitive language is not acceptable under any circumstance,” Lisanti said. “I am sorry for the hurt I have caused and will do everything I can to help heal that pain and regain the trust of my colleagues and constituents. I pray for forgiveness.”

Harford County is located in Maryland and has a population of approximately 250,000 people.

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