What Is The ‘Momo Challenge’? Social Media Challenge Explained

The MOMO Challenge first started to make waves on the internet in the Summer of 2018.

The Momo Challenge then began to re-appear in late February 2019, especially after Kim Kardashian brought attention to the matter, as she urged parents to “monitor what your kids are watching” on her Instagram story on Tuesday, February 26.

What is The Momo Challenge?

The Momo Challenge is a social media phenomenon that happens when children are contacted through WhatsApp, Youtube, or other social media channels by an eye-popping, creepy masked woman named Momo, who then shares images and instructions on how to harm themselves and others.

In some case, the Momo encourages the children to commit suicide and will explain how to do so.

Additionally, if the children disobey, the “Momo” threatens to put a curse on them.

As for the creep character that represents Momo, the mask is taken from a Japanese doll artist named Midori Hayashi, who does not have any connection to the challenge.

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Speaking to WSAV, Wayne Willcox — the director of Applied Cyber Education at Georgia Southern — discussed the danger of the phenomenon:

“The danger is if there is only one incident in the United States, let’s say, and a child sees it and a child goes out and hurts somebody or hurts themselves and we don’t have a conversation about it and we don’t make parents aware of it, are we not doing a disservice to our children?” Wilcox said.

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