Top 5 Reasons Why Cancelled Spring Break Plans Are A Blessing In Disguise

Look, it happens. You make big plans and somehow, someway they get canceled. It may seem like the end of the world, or at least as if you are missing out on a lot. However, your missed Spring Break plans might be more of a blessing than a punishment from the universe.

1. Mo’ Money (x3)

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This is a given. Spring Break is no cheap getaway and while you may feel that your money went to waste over your canceled plans, that might not be the case. Dependent upon the flexibility of the reservations you and your group made, that refunded money can be saved and stretched out longer should you choose the staycation route.

2. You Really Need To Chill

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Spring Break follows midterms, a time of high stress. Students are stressed from studying and making sure that they remain in good academic standing, as well as trying to plan a vacation. Your stress and excitement levels are preparing to break into the stratosphere. Which is why you need to RELAX! Take this blessing in disguise as a chance to really, honestly, truly take a break. Self-care is important and post-midterms make it a point to do absolutely not a thing. That’s right. Do. Nothing. And don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. Turn off your alarm(s). Sometimes the best vacations are from the comfort of your own bed with no plans and not a single worry on your mind.

3. $#@% Gets Out Of Wack

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Coinciding with simply just relaxing, canceled Spring Break plans also give you a chance to really restart and refresh after the chaos of midterms. Take this free week to reorganize your study area, clean your room, do your laundry without waiting on anyone, go over your syllabus for what is to come. Look at this time as wide open space to get your mind and overall life together after chaos.

4. More Fun In The Sun

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The destination you initially picked out will always be there. That’s why you can pocket the refunded money from your Spring Break plan, add to it and go to the said destination or even a different vacation spot altogether for a longer period of time for summer vacation. During the summer is when most people choose to travel due to the weather as well as more liberating schedules. By the same token, the spaced-out schedules of travel during the summer insinuates a busy but not nearly as congested and wild. In all honesty, a week is not enough of a reward for all the hard work you put in during the school year. Use your downtime and spared funds to plan your summer break/Spring Break 2.0. In the long run, the time extension will allow a better chance of you and possibly a group to plan better instead of feeling as rushed as you would with your Spring Break plans. In the end, Spring Break is really Summer Vacation Jr.

5. Playing It Safe

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Last but certainly not least, safety. Known and popular Spring Break destinations tend to be incredibly crowded and rowdy during that said week. As much fun as there is occurring in these high traffic areas, there are many hazards to avoid and remain vigilant of. Everyone enjoys a good turn up every once in a while, unfortunately, that is a time when many people let their guards down and can be vulnerable to dangers they would otherwise be alert for. As mentioned in the previous benefit, certain Spring Break destinations will most likely not be as congested during the summer or other offseasons, therefore. Look at your canceled plans as a benefit to your safety.

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