5 Effective Ways To Handle Anxiety While In School

Anxiety has become very common among students nowadays. All the pressure that school comes and the demands of life have taken a toll plus with added things that students these days have to deal with like the forces of social media, the new educational expectations by the country it all has become too much. Anxiety is the top presenting mental illness on students, especially college students. It can be challenging to handle all, here are 5 useful tips on how to manage anxiety while in school. Remember it does get better.


People in a group therapy session


Therapy can sound a bit too out there for some but it really isn’t. Anyone can go to treatment for anything even if you don’t have a mental illness going to a complete stranger who you can just rant to and not be afraid you said the wrong thing, and they’re not gonna go off to tell someone else is a relief. Therapy isn’t scary, and it isn’t as intense or dull as the movies make it seem. There’s many forms of therapy, art therapy, music therapy, etc.. Easy to find one you feel suits your interests. Set a time and day to go. Try to always be there better for your mental health.


A college student meditating


As corny as it sounds it works! Meditating even for just 5 minutes a day can help relax you and help you handle those stressful and anxiety provoking moments by focusing you on your breathing and slowing your heart rate down. Try to manifest when meditating, think positive thoughts, things that you want to happen and believe that they will. Try having a mantra when meditating/manifesting and make sure it’s a statement more than a wish, for example: ” I am calm,” “This happened and it went great.”

Distract Yourself

A man watching a show on his laptop while eating popcorn


Whenever those intruding thoughts come into mind, distract yourself. Find things to do, watch, or listen to. Picking a show you enjoy can really take up all your attention, so you don’t have time to pay mind to those negative thoughts. Do some homework, not only are you distracting yourself from the anxiety but you’re doing the work that’s probably giving you anxiety so best to get it over with.

Walk Or Exercise

A person going on a walk outdoors


No doubt that anxiety comes with an increased heart rate, your adrenaline is up and pumping. Going for a walk or exercising can help burn it off. After the walk or exercise, you’ll feel calmer as you burned off what it was that was giving you the stress. You acted upon the adrenaline rush accordingly instead of sitting there maybe shaking your legs, biting your fingernails, not concentrating on what was at hand.

Write It Off

A young woman thoughtfully thinking while writing in her journal


A pen and paper can go along way. Writing those overflowing and anxious thoughts down on paper releases them from your brain. This is something you can do anywhere, no excuse not to. Doesn’t even have to be on paper can be on the notes in your phone or in a text message to a trusted friend. Once you have the thoughts and emotions down on paper you may be able to see that what you’re worried about isn’t even rational, can be fixed pretty quickly and your head was making it seem more significant than it really is.

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