Lady Gaga Has Seen Your Bradley Cooper Dating Theories & Is Over Them

Lady Gaga is no stranger to internet rumors. Ever since she starred alongside Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born the rumors that the two are secretly in love in real life have been non-stop.

Then the two Oscar-nominated actors performed their award-winning song “Shallow” at the 91st Academy Awards and anyone watching convinced they were in love. There is no denying these two have intense chemistry.

THeir performance spurred speculation that the two were in love. Gaga just broke things off with her fiancé Christian Carino and fans have convinced themselves they broke up because of Cooper.

Even Cooper and Gaga’s exes, Jennifer Esposito and Taylor Kinney, jumped in on the speculations that they’re secretly in love.

Gaga addressed the rumors on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jimmy Kimmel brought up the conspiracy theory that she and Cooper are having a secret love affair. Gaga simply rolled her eyes at the rumor.

“First of all, like, social media is quite frankly the toilet of the internet. What it has done to pop culture is just like abysmal,” Gaga said about the internet fueling the romance rumors.

“Yes, people saw love, and guess what? That’s what we wanted you to see,” Gaga exclaimed. “This is a love song, ‘Shallow’. The movie, A Star Is Born, is a love story. We worked so hard, we worked all week on that performance.”

Gaga continued, “It was just great, and from a performance perspective, it was so important to both of us that we were connected the entire time. Look I’ve had my arms wrapped around Tony Bennet for three years touring the world. When you’re singing love songs that’s what you want people to feel.”

Gaga is no stranger to staying in character for a performance or having an alter ego. So it’s not remotely shocking that she can tap into being Ally Maine for an Oscars performance.

Basically, Gaga and Cooper are great actors and we’re all fools.

Watch the full interview below:

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