5 Fun & Creative Spring Break Activities If You’re Not Traveling

Just because you don’t have spring break plans doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing week! Whether you’re staying at school or spending the week in your hometown, use the week as an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t let FOMO take over. Instead, find out which of your friends also don’t have plans, and try these 5 fun ideas for spring break!

1. Take a day trip.

You don’t have to drive hours or hop on a plane to explore. Look for cities or towns that are less than an hour away, and take a day trip with a friend! You’ll be happy to change up your usual routine and explore a new part of town. Check out their most popular coffee shop, walk downtown and find murals, or grab lunch at a unique (i.e. non-chain) restaurant.

2. Go hiking or have a picnic.

Don’t let photos of your friends at the beach give you FOMO! Put up your phone, grab a book you’ve been meaning to read or a journal, and pack a few snacks. Then, head to a nature preserve or nearby park. Take advantage of the (hopefully) good weather and spend an hour or two outside. If hiking isn’t your thing, you can take a relaxing route and have a casual picnic.

3. Do a DIY art crawl.

What’s an art crawl? Oftentimes, cities will host art crawls downtown where artists display their works. Think farmer’s market – but for art. Look online to see if your city hosts an art crawl, but if not, do your own! Map out a route of different art galleries and museums that are near each other. You’ll spend the day being exposed to something new, and you may find a new favorite past time!

4. Check out a random concert.

The beauty of spring break is that even if you can’t go anywhere, you don’t have class! Take advantage of that extra free time and find a random concert to go to with a friend. Use a concert tracking website like Songkick to find artists in your location. Don’t worry if you and your friend have never heard of the band – random concerts can be the most fun! If you don’t want to pay for a concert, look online for open mics near you. No matter what, be open to stepping out of your comfort zone.

5. Have a coffee/taco/sandwich tour.

Spring break at home is the perfect chance to find out what restaurant in your town is really the best! Choose a food or drink that you absolutely love so you won’t get tired of it, and enlist a few friends. Each day (or in one day!), check out a different restaurant or cafe. Make sure to rate which ones are the best in terms of food and atmosphere. At the end of spring break, you’ll have the inside scoop on the actual best places to eat.