How To Master Monochromatic Look: Top 5 Must-See Tips

Why spend hours trying to mix and match your outfit when you can rock a whole outfit consisting of one color. The best monochromatic outfits consist of one color, but different textures and similar shades, making for a simple yet complex look. We’ve seen this look on the runway before, now celebs are strutting their stuff in a monochromatic fit and now it’s popping up as a popular streetwear trend.

Here are 5 style tips on how to wear a monochromatic look this season:

1. Patterns

Wearing an entire outfit consisting of the same color isn’t for everyone, but if you want to give this monochromatic trend a try, start basic, pick a solid color and pair it with a pattern. For example, try something simple like polka dots, or stripes. By adding a pattern, you are still achieving the monochromatic look without going too overboard.

2. Textures

When putting an outfit together in general, textures are everything. But textures are even more important when you’re wearing a monochromatic outfit. Adding different textures to your look will give it a whole new level of complexity. Just by adding a fuzzy jacket or a textured sweater, you can transform a once basic look to something that’s never been seen before. The textures have the ability to break up the look a little bit, so it doesn’t all blend into one piece of clothing.

3. Lighter top, darker bottom

A creative way to rock the monochromatic look is by playing with different shades. Start by picking your color, and then find a couple pieces in your closet that are both lighter and darker shades. Try wearing a lighter shade on top, a darker shade on the bottom, and the darkest shade of that color for shoes. This will add a smooth touch to your look and show that you put some thought into your fit.

4. Pick colors that go well with your skin tone

The most important part of the monochromatic outfit is deciding what color you are going to wear. Some colors work better for you than others, so naturally, those are the colors you should move towards. Try picking out colors that go well with your skin tone. If you have a light complexion, try going for colors that are strong, like red, blue, green and purple. For those of you with a medium skin tone, earth tones are your best friend, try brown, green, deep shades of yellow, or burgundy. If you are someone with a darker complexion, adding some lighter colors will work best for you, try pastel colors, khaki, or a variety of light blues.

5. Remember balance

This is a rule that applies to any outfit. But, especially when you are wearing an outfit that is made up completely of the same color. It’s important to make sure that the monochromatic look doesn’t consume your whole entire body. You wear the outfit, the outfit doesn’t wear you! If you are going to wear an oversized jacket, pair it with a fitted shirt and tighter pants, that way your outfit doesn’t overwhelm you. Limit your look to one oversized clothing item, it will add great balance to your outfit.

6. Accentuate your body using color

Here’s a little style hack for you: You can emphasize or deemphasize certain parts of your body by using lighter or darker shades. For example, if you want to create a slimmer waistline, go for a darker shade of the color on the bottoms, and the lighter shade for your top. Use this to your advantage when assembling your monochromatic outfit!