Jackson Kelley: Photos, Full Story & Must-See Details

Jackson Kelley has been identified as the 19-year-old Florida teenager that was critically injured in a shocking hit-and-run crash in Sarasota on Thursday, February 28.

According to police, Kelley on U.S. Route 41 in Sarasota cut off his black Audi, causing him to violently veer off the road near the Lantern Inn and Suites.

Security camera footage shows Kelley swerving in an effort to avoid the collision but gets clipped by the van, sending the Audi airborne and causing it to flip at least three times.

Linda Voss, an employee at the Lantern Inn and Suites in Manatee County, said that “luckily” the crash did not happen later in the day, as the parking lot is sometimes “crowded with kids”

“We have a lot of children who come, who stay here on the weekends. The parking lot could be crowded with kids. Luckily it happened early enough where there was no one out there,” Voss told Fox 13 News.

The driver of the Kia minivan, who remains unidentified, can be seen in security camera footage waiting for approximately seven seconds before leaving the scene of the crime.

Following the accident, Kelley was rushed to nearby Sarasota Memorial Hospital, where he currently remains in critical condition at the time of this writing. At this time, it has not been disclosed what specific injuries Kelley sustained.

Authorities have asked anyone with information on the identity or the current whereabouts of the driver who fled the scene to call the Florida Highway Patrol at 941-751-8350.

The CCTV security footage of Kelley’s crash can be seen below, however, viewer discretion is advised, as the video may be considered graphic or disturbing by some.


That is all the information that is available at this time. This article will be updated with new and relevant information should it become available at any time. If there is anything that we missed, please feel free to send an email to [email protected] and we will respond as soon as we can and update this article if necessary.

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