How To Balance Work & School: Top 5 Ways & Useful Tips

Working while going to school at the same time is something many students these days do. It’s very common to hear a student going straight to work after school now. Many go for part-time jobs and stay with those jobs for the summer, of course doing more hours on those days off from school, but it’s easier to commit when you don’t have another significant responsibility. It can all be very stressful for the average student here is the top 5 ways to balance work life and school life.

Stay Ahead In School

A college student doing her homework


Meaning by this is, make sure you do all your assignments beforehand, its recommended to do them the day they are assigned. Doing this will result in not having to worry about a deadline and not having that stressful/panic feeling looming over your head. The assignment is done and you won’t have to call out sick from work or have to have your grade decrease. Do your homework days before and see how stress-free you’ll feel.


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Communication is key to everything. Make sure to communicate with your professor and boss. Explain to your professor your situation and see if that extension on the paper is available and interact with your boss when you are running late or have some other school-related activity that you need to attend, they’ll understand as they were in your shoes before. Don’t be afraid to say what’s happening and make sure to always do it in time and not at the last minute unless it’s an absolute emergency.

Be On Top Of Your Schedule

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Make sure your work schedule does not interfere with your school schedule and vice versa. Talk to your boss about hours, during the week do fewer hours, while on the weekends do more if possible. Look at your school schedule and see if there’s anything that can be moved or taken out. Make sure to have enough time between school and work to get there on time and enough time after work to live your life and be able to do homework.

Understand That It’s A Responsibility

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Having a job is all about responsibility, whether you can make it in time and do the work to the best of your abilities. If you’re going to apply for a job first ask yourself if you’re able to meet its demands and needs than ask yourself how it’s going to incorporate into your school life because your education has to come first. Make sure you’re a responsible person and if this is something in your life that needs to change then work on it because responsibilities never end. Work on time management and ending procrastination.

Have A Support System

A girl being supported by her friend


Stress always has the opportunity to show up primarily in these situations. Don’t stretch yourself out too thin if there are things people are asking from you that you know for sure there’s a possibility you’re not able to do that then say no. It’s okay to say no. Have someone there for you when things become too much and talk it out with them. Everyone has at least one person to which they can tell all their troubles. Remember to take care of yourself and your needs because otherwise performing in your job won’t be as high and neither will it be in school.

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