The 13 Celebrities That Have More Than 100 Million Followers On Instagram

There are only 13 celebrities on Instagram that have 100 million or more followers. It’s a very exclusive club and when celebrities cross that 100 million follower threshold they’re celebrated.

Only two corporate accounts have over 100 million followers. They’re Instagram’s own account (283 million) and the magazine National Geographic (102 million) account.

Nicki Minaj just joined the list making it grow from 12 to 13.

The other celebrities will more than 100 million followers might surprise you, you might not even follow them!

Nicki Minaj – 100 million

Nicki Minaj is the first rapper to reach 100 million Instagram followers. Do you think this means she’s the queen of rap?

Minaj is only one of six musicians to have over 100 million followers.

Justin Bieber – 105 million

The Prince of Pop, Justin Bieber has a cool 105 million followers on Instagram. His engagement announcement to Hailey Baldwin is the fifth most liked photo on the platform.

Kendall Jenner – 105 million

Model Kendall Jenner just beats out Bieber for more followers. She isn’t the only Kardashian-Jenner on this list. Three of the famous sisters are in this exclusive 13 person club.

Lionel Messi – 110 million

Soccer star Lionel Messi has 110 million followers. Soccer stars are some of the most followed people on the platform because their fandoms are so huge and loyal.

Neymar – 111 million

Neymar, another soccer star, has over 111 million Instagram followers.

Taylor Swift – 114 million

Singer Taylor Swift has over 114 million followers on Instagram. After the public backlash from Kim Kardashian calling her a snake, Instagram invented the comment disabler for Swift. When she announced her album Reputation Swift deleted all of her Instagram posts to promote the album.

Beyoncé – 125 million

Beyoncé is the most followed black woman on the platform with 125 million followers. Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement of her twins, Rumi and Sir, was once the most liked photo on the platform breaking records.

Kylie Jenner – 128 million

Kylie Jenner has over 128 million followers on the platform. The richest Kardashian-Jenner once had the most liked photo on the platform. Her first photo of her daughter Stormi broke records with over 18.7 million likes. It was dethroned by a stock image of an egg.

Kim Kardashian – 129 million

Kim Kardashian with 129 million followers, just a million more than her sister Kylie. Kim uses the platform to promote her beauty products. In 2014 her wedding photo with Kanye West was the most like photo.

Dwayne Johnson – 133 million

WWE star turned actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is the fourth most followed celebrity on Instagram. Johnson has over 133 million followers on the platform. He regularly shares his workouts and crazy meals.

Selena Gomez – 146 million

Selena Gomez has 146 million followers on the platform. At on point she was the most followed person and had the most like photo. She has since been dethroned.

Ariana Grande – 147 million

Ariana Grande is the most followed female on Instagram. Grande has over 147 million followers on the platform. Grande is an avid poster on Instagram so it’s not shocking that she has millions of followers.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 156 million

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has the most followers on Instagram. With 156 million followers it seems like Ronaldo is untouchable.

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