This Student Made A Presentation To Call Out His Professor For Using The N-Word

College student, Maleek Eid, made a presentation to call out his professor for using the n-word twice during class.

Eid, 23, is a marketing student at College of the Desert in Palm Desert in California. His English class was using Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” as an example for annotation when his professor said the n-word.

“She said ‘they used to use words like..’ and she said the n-word,” Eid told BuzzFeed. “I didn’t say anything, I was actually so shocked.”

Eid continued and said the following week his professor said the racial slur again.

“So I was like, that’s strike two, and strike one didn’t sit well with me already.”

Eid is Palestinian and said that the rest of his classmates, who are not black, didn’t seem to think their professor saying the slur was wrong. He was planning on reporting the incident to the school but then decided to use a class project to call out his professor.

He had to make a presentation supporting an opposing argument for a controversial topic. He decided to make his topic about why non-black people can’t say the n-word. He directly called out his professor in his presentation.

Eid filmed his presentation and posted it on Twitter.

“This word was used twice in this class. There is really no excuse. There is really no justification,” Eid says. “There is no way you can convince me or the many, many many, black people out there that you can’t say n-word without saying the n-word and not getting it across.”

Eid then goes on to explain how it’s inexcusable to say the racial slur. He also held himself accountable for not holding his professor accountable. His video has over 1.28 million views.

He recorded the audio of his professor’s reaction. She claims she said the n-word to “shake things up” and spike interest in her students. She goes on to say the “cultural context” of her using the n-word is important too.

The professor goes on to say how the n-word has been used in literature, but he points out that she didn’t say the n-word in literature. She then asked Eid to refresh her memory for how she said the word.

She also calls Eid “sensitive” and says she didn’t call anyone the n-word, thinking that’s what makes saying the word is bad.

The way the professor takes zero responsibility for using the racist slur is shocking.

According to BuzzFeed, Eid hasn’t been back to class and is asked the school to transfer him to another class.

You can watch the full presentation below:

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