Top 5 Creative Ways To Combat Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression affects a large sum of people during those cold winter months. The fact that the cold prevents us from going outside more and the sun setting earlier can really have a lot of us down. Seasonal depression is no joke just like regular depression, it exists, and it’s sometimes hard to get out of. As the weather starts to become warmer and the days longer it’s sometimes hard to remind yourself it’s a new season, one that does not bring seasonal depression.

If you think you have seasonal depression or just depression please see a doctor. These tips will not cure your depression and will only help in conjunction with seeing a medical professional. If you need help right now, you can text the Crisis Text Line.

Here are 5 ways to combat seasonal depression with spring around the corner.

Go Out

A group of friends laughing and being outside


Spring is right around the corner, the weather becoming warmer, go out! Remind yourself that those cold winter days are coming to an end and it’s time to enjoy and not be afraid of the outside anymore. Plan something with your friends, go to the park, the zoo, hiking, out for a run, anything that you all enjoy. It’s becoming the season to do things.


A man and a woman riding a bike


The usual, exercise it releases hormones in your bodies that make you feel great. Which is true. During the winter time, people tend to work out less because it’s cold and we’re all wearing layers and layers of clothing under a heavy coat. Now that spring and summer are on their way get moving. People are continually saying that they have to prepare and get their summer body so this is also another reason, a win-win. By the way, all bodies are summer bodies. Exercising does not have to be the formal way at all; it can be anything that you enjoy that gets you moving, dancing, yoga, running, biking, etc. just enjoy it.

Stay Where The Light Is

A young woman enjoying the sunshine


It can be easy to stay in the darkness when it’s wintertime, going straight home from work or school and being inside with the curtains closed because there’s no sun out, listening to sad music or watching anything sad on Netflix. Instead of that now let us try to have the light in and not be so much in that dark. After work or school spend some time with the people around you, it can lead to amazing friendships and to maybe good memories to look back on. Be in open areas with a lot of light shining in, watch uplifting movies and shows and let’s stick to a good mood music playlist.

Spend Time With Friends And Family

A group of friends hanging out and laughing


Being around people who only add to your happiness is a huge step to getting better. Whether you’re dealing with seasonal depression, regular depression, or just a bad day. Call up some friends and have them over, with real friends there’s no need to have them constantly entertained. It’s nice to have a friend there when things aren’t going right, they make the day ten times better. Don’t forget about family either a simple text or call and you’ll have a reminder that there are people in the world that love you unconditionally.

Take A Vacation

A group of friends running into the ocean


Spring break is just around the corner. Take a well-deserved vacation anywhere. When people think of vacations, they usually think of a sandy beach on an island if that’s something that sounds appealing to you and something you can afford then be my guest and enjoy. If not take a trip somewhere new, doesn’t have to be another country or a tropical island can be right in your own state but not around the area where you live. Drive far and see other parts and stay close to the beach, personally being close to the beach is always the best times.

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