5 Red Flags To Look For In A New Relationship

Some of us can acknowledge that we need some guidance when it comes to dating, while others wonder why they didn’t recognize the faults in their prospective partner sooner. The world of relationships is confusing enough, and with technology getting involved making dating apps even more popular, I think it’s safe to say that we all have some questions. One of the most important decisions we can make is recognizing red flags when we see them, and acting accordingly.

Here are 5 red flags to look for when considering a new partner.

Your Friends Don’t Like Them

A group of friends consoling a friend


First, ensure that your friends are really your friends. If so, they’re aiming to protect you and keep your best interest in mind. Often times friends will see the bad signs you initially can’t, as you may be too consumed by the honeymoon phase. When you are so infatuated with someone, it’s easy to miss the red flags. Luckily our friends and family are obligated to see these potential issues and help us out.

Ignoring You

Unhappy couple ignoring each other on their phones


This should be noticeable within the first two weeks you begin dating. Maybe your partner is always on their phone while you’re together, but take hours to text you back while apart. In more extreme cases, your partner may be trying to ghost you. Whether you’re always texting them first, or they haven’t responded to you in days, being ignored typically calls for some relationship assessment.

All Of Their Exes Are “Crazy”

Upset woman near boyfriend


In some cases, an ex or two may have actually been crazy. But if you notice a pattern in your partner where each ended relationship has a “crazy ex” attached to the story, they may not be taking accountability for their own personal issues. It takes two to tango, and it can’t always be someone else’s fault.

Staying Too Close With Their Ex

A happy couple accompanied by an annoyed third wheel friend


There are many situations where staying friends with your ex-lover can work. After getting to know someone so well, maintaining a friendship can be realistic and even beneficial. However, make sure your partner is not overstepping any boundaries. If you are uncomfortable with something, tell them. You have to trust that they are not jeopardizing their relationship with you, and if you don’t believe them, these issues need to be addressed.

They’re Secretive

Unhappy young couple in bed


Secrecy is never a good sign, it’s a red flag in both friendships and relationships. Communication is key to growth and a nurturing companionship, so if your partner isn’t telling you the small stuff, best believe they’ll hide the more significant things too.

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