The 5 Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared For

It’s that time of the year again. Whether you’re ready to graduate and start your career or are preparing for a new summer job, interviews are right around the corner. The interview process can be nerve-wracking, but the more prepared you are, the more confident you will be.

Don’t walk into your next interview without preparing for these five questions.

Your Weaknesses

This can occasionally work as a trick question, which is why you need to ensure you don’t answer it the wrong way. When a potential employer asks what your greatest weaknesses are, don’t confess to them about how lazy you are on Fridays and that you can’t get out of bed on time. Instead, try and answer in a way that accentuates your strengths. For example, if you’re a people pleaser who hates disappointing people explain how you have a hard time saying no. “Having a hard time” with something is structured as a weakness when in reality you’re implying that you are eager to work in a team environment and help others when needed.

Your Strengths

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The most important thing is to not sell yourself short. Don’t feel uncomfortable bragging about your latest accomplishments and positive attributes. If you are super ambitious, give them examples of your most recent achievements and endeavors. If you have a great work ethic explain how you that was developed and where you’ve applied that in the past. Brag, brag, brag!

What You Need More Experience In

If you’re interviewing for a new job, chances are you don’t know how to do everything they’ll need you to quite yet. Be prepared to acknowledge relevant skills that you may need further training in so you can perform to the best of your abilities.

Do You Have Any Questions

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Don’t leave your interview without having asked a few questions. Have plenty prepared, and continue noting others that pop up along the interview process. Not only will it show interest and preparation, but if you are hired for the position you’re going to want to assure you’re ready.

Why Are You Looking For A Job

Although we all need jobs and money to live, you need to emphasize why you are interested in that position specifically, apart from the others. Reference a positive attribute of the company, its culture, or accomplishments and elaborate on why you want to be part of their team. This is how employers will distinguish between those who are and are not passionate about the position.

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