How To Style Snakeskin & Cheetah Print

If you haven’t seen the snakeskin and cheetah print trend going around, where have you been? If you told me a year ago I would be wearing these outfits I would’ve laughed at you and said that I would NEVER wear that. And look, here we are. I’ve really been diving into trying new things (new year’s resolution goal, yay!) and I have been really stepping out of comfort zone, especially with fashion. Doing so has added a surprising amount of confidence and self-identity into my life. I honestly suggest that you try to wear something you never thought you would wear, even if you feel a little strange, it brings about a confidence I’ve never felt before. In this post, I wanted to show you how to style snakeskin and cheetah print, a subtle kind of way. Honestly though, how subtle can these prints really be?

Megan Ory wearing a snakeskin bodysuit

Megan Ory

The first look is one of my favorites! This bodysuit is from H&M and it was around $15. The material is so soft, stretchy and super flattering! With a slight v-neck, it can be dressed up or down. I wanted a bit of an edgier look, so I paired it with plain black jeans, black boots and a leather jacket. The key with this bodysuit is to pair it with a solid color. I found that keeping the color black not only highlighted the body suit but also made the look a bit more subtle. I also added a silver belt to complete the look. This outfit is perfect for a night out and because the bodysuit is long sleeve, it can be with or without a jacket.

Megan Ory wearing snakeskin print pants

Megan Ory

The second look is similar to the first except I decided to highlight the pants. The pants are also from H&M and were $20. I had been looking for a pair of snakeskin pants but realized that they are typically a little bit pricier but H&M had them for a reasonable price. Definitely look at H&M if you’re in the market for snakeskin pants.

For some reason, I just really liked how black looked with snakeskin (can you tell?). I paired these pants with a black turtleneck and the same leather jacket. To dress the look up, I added the black heels. Unlike the first outfit, the heels add a more dressy look, making this a perfect date night look.

Megan Ory wearing cheetah print pants from forever21

Megan Ory

For this third look, I again stayed with the black color palette (when you realize you may need to start buying color, lol!) These pants were $8 at Forever21! At first, I was really hesitant about getting them because they were really out of my comfort zone, but I fell in love!

I paired these flowy cheetah print pants with a black long sleeve bodysuit and black boots. I preferred the look without the jacket, but it adds an edgy detail to the outfit. The pants felt like PJ pants, making them so comfortable to wear and the belt made the pants even more flattering. One of my favorite outfits!

Megan Ory wearing cheetah print beel boots

Megan Ory

For the last look, I went for a more subtle hint of print. I purchased these cheetah booties from Forever21 for only $12! Forever21 was really making moves with this sale! I paired these adorable booties with a pair of green slacks (also available at Forever21), a black trench coat and the same black bodysuit from the previous outfit. I really love how the gold belt complimented the booties (it’s all in the details!). The booties add a hint of print without being too out there and can be worn with a variety of different colors. This outfit is perfect for these last few weeks of winter.

I hope these different ways of styling prints will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and try styling them! They add such a fun detail to an outfit and I have become obsessed. Happy styling!

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