5 Things You Should Start Saving For In Your 20’s

There comes a time in our early 20s where our “young and reckless” financial mindset evolves into a more responsible perspective. The cost of going out for drinks each weekend starts to add up, and we begin to guilt-trip ourselves about the things we should be saving for. Although some will insist that you have plenty of time to save, consider staying in and cooking just a little bit more this week.

Here are 5 things you’ll be thankful you started saving for early.


Living room setup of a nice furniture


Think about your furniture needs in advanced. Don’t let moving out of the dorm be the day you decide to face the reality of needing your own mattress, desk, drawers, and closet space. From headboards to storage units, we take these items for granted while living on our university’s campus. Not only will you need new furniture, but you’ll want to invest in products that’ll last, saving you another trip next year.

Student Loans

The student loan payments that follow shortly after graduation are a commitment to keep in mind. Although the monthly fees may not be intimidating, be aware of the amount of debt you’re paying off and act accordingly. You won’t want these bills hanging over your head for longer than they need to be.


Group of friends enjoying a cruise by the water with a beautiful view


Our 20s are a confusing time where we’re advised to save our money, and in the same sentence ordered to travel and experience new places. When all of your college friends plan their last spring break trip or a celebratory post-grad cruise, you won’t want to be the only one missing out. Make the most of your youth, and don’t back out because you weren’t budgeting.

Emergency Fund

Saving up three months rent in case of emergencies is not something you “should” do, but something you need to do. Who knows what your employment will look like a few months from now, or how steady your first job will be. Don’t graduate with your pockets empty. Starting a career is difficult, but doing it without any savings could make matters much more stressful.

A Car

Girl smiling and holding keys to her brand new car


Cars come at a great expense. Whether you’re saving up for a new ride or trying to maintain your current one, automobiles can be unexpected and costly. If you’re looking to invest in a new car, you’ll need to have savings stowed away, and that’s not even the hard part. Cars are unexpected and can give you incredibly expensive problems. When considering purchasing one, don’t forget to factor in the oil changes, tire replacements, and unpredictable issues that’ll arise with ownership.

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