Top 5 Effective Tips For A Great 5-Year Plan

Everyone in their lifetime has heard about a five-year plan at least once in their lives. It’s everywhere, online, at your job and especially at school. As students, we are always told to create a five-year plan for ourselves, when we search up the definition of a five-year plan what comes up is that it’s basically a government or economic plan for development throughout five years. Although that is the textbook definition of a five-year plan it can for sure be more than that. A five-year plan is for your future either career-wise or health wise.  If you’re planning on starting a five-year plan, doesn’t matter if it’s for your long term career goals or your personal growth, here are 5 tips for an effective five-year plan.

Know What’s Your Goal

A type writer with the words "What's Your Goal?" on it


This one is pretty obvious. Know your goal really sit down with yourself and think about it. Many people don’t take it much into consideration and just agree right away that that’s their goal based on others and what the external world around them think it’s right. It’s not supposed to be like that, it should be based on what your internal world thinks is right. This is time to take for yourself and to find out what you want. Once you do keep it in mind, hold on to the goal.

Research The Steps

A computer with a researching strategy on it


Just like an assignment from school, you have to research the steps it takes to reach your goal. However, this is the trickiest part as well because you don’t want to investigate the steps so much to the point that you just burn your goal out. Don’t take too long with this level, this can be challenging but just remember a time that you waste researching is the time you could’ve used to put your plan in action. My advice, research while setting your plan in motion. Learn along the way.

Write It Down/Post It Up

A board with a bunch of post it notes on it


Unless you have computer-like memory, let’s not trust our minds by remembering the steps and our goals. It’s very much recommended that one writes it down anywhere and puts it up somewhere they look at every day. People take this as a way to create vision boards which are pretty useful and not as corny as many people believe they are. Vision boards are a great way to remind yourself daily of your goals and that what you’re going to do today should contribute to reaching that goal. Picturing yourself once your goal has been achieved is hugely beneficial. To sum it up, keep a reminder nearby with your plan and fake it till you make it.

Find A Mentor

A coach with hanging out with his student athlete


Find someone who you look up to, who has created a life for themselves that is similar or exactly like the life that you want for yourself. Reach out to them and remember that they are people too so a little politeness won’t hurt and will go a long way. Ask them for advice about something, look at their lives and look at the things they have done to get there and who they are now as a person. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Don’t Listen To The Negativity

A drawing with the words "Thoughts have power" on it


Don’t pay attention to the negative thoughts that will come up while you’re in the process of your plan. Don’t listen to people who say it’s not possible and do yourself a favor and avoid those people. This plan is about you, it’s your goals, your future, for people to say it’s not possible and for you to tell yourself that as well is not okay. Don’t allow yourself to be put down, your personal growth and future are worth more than that.

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