5 Things You Should Add To Your High School Bucket List Before Graduation

It’s less than four months away for graduation for many and for those who are either graduating high school or college it’s a pretty big deal. It’s a symbol of moving forward in life, starting a new chapter and growing up. For many after graduation, we won’t be seeing our friends as much anymore, either school or life get in the way of that. It’s the time in your life to make memories that’ll last a lifetime, so here are five things that you must do.

Senior Trips

A sign with the words "Class trip" on it


Go and have fun on your senior trip. It sounds like it’ll be lame because it is the school that’s planning it, but most of the time it’s not. If you’re able to afford it go on at least one of your school’s senior trips, ask around and see if any of your friends are going, or not even friends it can also be people that you get along with really well. You don’t want to be sharing a room with someone who you dislike it’ll make the whole trip unbearable. Do the activities the school has planned for you guys, trust that you’ll enjoy the trip.


A "Prom" sign hung up with fairy lights in the background


For many proms is a must and if that sounds like you then go ahead. Many don’t go to their schools’ prom and years later end up regretting it. Better to be safe than sorry you know. However, if the whole going to prom with a lot of people from school, who half you don’t even know and kinda dislike doesn’t sound appealing to you at all then don’t go instead hit up your friends that aren’t going and make plans. Create your own mini prom and enjoy a night that’s supposed to be magical with the people you love and that love you.

Get To Know Your Classmates

A bunch of classmates all studying together


It seems that in life we walk around aimlessly, not really getting to know the people around us, who they are, what they’re life is like, what do they want out of it. Just saying a few words like “Hello” or giving a compliment or accepting or giving an invitation to an event can create a bond with anyone. Create connections, be nice and be yourself, you’d be surprised to the amount of people who will automatically be attracted to you.

Take A Lot Of Pictures

A group of friends hiking and taking a picture


One day you’ll want to look back at that moment. Can’t always depend on our memories, we’re human beings we tend to forget things. A picture says a thousand words and can bring back an amazing memory. Take pictures of anything and everything, when you’re out with your friends or inside just being goofballs, so when the moment is gone, you can still look back on it.

Enjoy Your Senior Year

A group of friends having fun in a parking lot


Yes, there are the homework, tests, work, life, things that add stress but still try to enjoy your senior year. It can be the best year of your life if your mind is into it. Spend more time with the people you love and make you feel overall great. Don’t try to focus on the negatives going on in life, when you look back on this year make sure it’s with a smile.

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