Rosario Dawson Boyfriends 2022: Who Is Rosario Dating Now?

Rosario Dawson is an actress, producer, singer and activist.

She made her film debut in 1995 with the movie Kids. Harmony Korine discovered Dawson while she was sitting on the stoop of her apartment building. The movie launched her career and she starred in huge movies including Rent, He Got Game and Men in Black II.

Outside of her acting career, Dawson is a political activist. She was arrested in 2004 for protesting against President George W. Bush. She has endorsed Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders. She was arrested again in 206 during the Democracy Spring.

But who has Dawson dated? Check out her full dating history below.

Jay-Z 2000

Dawson and rapper Jay-Z were linked in 2000. Fans believed that the second verse in his song “Lost ONes” was about Dawson. The rapper had to clarify that the song is actually about Beyonce.

After their break up Jay-Z started seeing Beyonce, who he eventually married and started a family with.

Dawson later starred in his “Family Feud” music video.

Joshua Jackson 2002-2003

Joseph Marzullo/

Dawson dated actor Joshua Jackson for a year from 2002 until 2003. While they were together it was rumored they were engaged, but that was false.

After they broke up Dawson said, “He would get all these calls because supposedly before we broke up, we had already broken up in the trades, in the rags or whatever.”

Jason Lewis 2004-2006


Dawson dated Sex and the City actor Jason Lewis. They first got together in 2004 and moved in together in 2005. Dawson and Lewis attended red carpets and events together confirming their romance. They were rumored to be engaged, but once again, those were false.

They, unfortunately, broke in 2006.

Mathieu Schreyer 2008-2011


Dawson dated French DJ Mathieu Schreyer for three years. Dawson confirmed they were dating in December 2008 while on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

They broke up in 2011 and supposedly it was Dawson who called it quits.

“She broke up with him,” a source told Us Weekly. “She was the one who ended it.”

Danny Boyle 2012-2013

Lia Toby/

In 2012, Dawson and Danny Boyle confirmed they were dating. They supposedly met on the set of Trance.

They broke up in 2013. Dawson confirmed the split in an interview with Net-A-Porter.

“It’s not like we announced our relationship, so it’s not like we’re going to announce our break up,” Dawson told the magazine. “I love Danny. He’s wonderful and we dated longer than people think we did. …I respect Danny’s privacy, so it’s not something we really talk about.”

Eric Andre 2016-2017

Eric Andre at the 2015 Fox All-Star Party. Rosario Dawson on the red carpet at the 2018 CFDA Fashion Awards in Brooklyn, New York.

FayesVision/Andres Otero/

On Valentine’s Day 2017 comedian Eric Andre posted a bunch of snaps of him and Dawson. The photos were over the top and showed the two touching tongues. Because of Andre’s type of comedy, many thought the photos were a joke and they weren’t really together. Even Chance The Rapper thought it was a joke and had to text Dawson.

In April that year, Dawson went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and confirmed their relationship.

They broke up in December 2017.

Cory Booker 2018-Present

Cory Booker at The Humane Society of the United States' To the Rescue Los Angeles Gala dating history


Dawson confirmed to TMZ that she and Cory Booker are dating. While at the Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. she told TMZ that they’re together.

“I am just grateful to be with someone that I respect and love and admire so much,” she said.

While on the Breakfast Club in 2018, Booker confirmed that he does have a girlfriend. They have rumored to have started dating in 2018 before he decided to run for president.

Booker is a politician who is a Democratic presidential candidate.

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