5 Perfect Beach Reads To Devour On Your Spring Break

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Spring break is the perfect time to catch up on some reading. You finally get a break from your endless piles of school work and can enjoy some of the books you’ve been meaning to read all year. If you’re one of the lucky ones heading to a warm beach this spring break, any of these books are perfect for throwing into your beach bag and lounging in the sand with. Even if you’re just hanging out at home this spring break, these five books will surely keep you entertained.

The Identicals – Elin Hildebrand

Elin Hildebrand just might actually be the queen of beach reads. Hildebrand lives on the island of Nantucket with her family, likewise, the majority of her novels take place there. The Identicals tells the story of two twin sisters Harper and Tabitha who are complete opposites. They haven’t spoken to each other in years, despite only living 11 miles apart, the distance between Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

When they finally reunite they decide to completely switch lives (how very Parent Trap of them). The Identicals has it all, love, laughter and drama. This book will even leave you wishing you had a twin sister of your own.

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The Last Mrs. Parrish – Liv Constantine

I promise you once you pick up this psychological thriller, you won’t be able to put it down. The dark and twisty story reveals the two very different lives of Amber Patterson and socialite Daphne Parrish.

Amber is sick of living an ordinary life, so she elaborately plans to befriend Daphne a rich socialite, from Connecticut who is married to a high powered man who has given Daphne everything she has ever dreamed of. Amber’s endless scheming allows her to become extremely close to the Parrish family, in hopes of dethroning Daphne and taking her spot as the new Mrs. Parrish.

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The Wife Between Us – Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

If you loved Gone Girl or Girl On The Train, this is the next read for you. The story follows the twists and turns of a wife who has been cast aside for a younger woman and is not handling it well. This suspenseful novel will keep you up all night, wondering what happens next. The Wife Between Us is also set to be a major motion picture soon.

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The Wedding Date – Jasmine Guillory

If you’re a fan of chick flicks or romance novels, then this is the perfect spring break read for you. The main character Alexa would never have normally agreed to be a wedding date for a guy she just met while trapped in an elevator. But when she takes a risk she is pleasantly surprised with how much fun they have together.

When all the wedding fun is over, Alexa and Drew have to decide if they can really make this relationship work.

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Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman

The main character Eleanor lives a rather ordinary and lonely life alone as an office worker. Eleanor suffers every day from the memories of her traumatic childhood. However, when she meets Raymond, the man of her dreams, she is willing to rekindle relationships and let people back into her life.

In some way or another everyone can relate to Eleanor. This quirky and humorous novel is sure to draw you in.

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