5 Useful Tips To Help You Tackle Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year again. The sun is out, the weather is getting warmer, and we can start putting some of those snow boots and puffy jackets away for next year. When it comes to switching wardrobes and cleaning in preparation for the new season, it can be a little overwhelming at first. Use these tips when cleaning up your living space.

Reevaluate Your Setup

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Whether it’s your coffee table or living room arrangement, now is the perfect time to make some rearrangements. Move some things around and consider a new layout. This can make the room feel brand new, and something exciting to come home to.

Completely Clear Off Your Bedroom Night Stand

Your bedroom is your sacred space. Being the place where you lie your head at night and awaken to start your day, looking at a cluttered area in your bedroom can subconsciously add stress to your life. Keep your mind and nightstand clear and clean, leaving all of your other to-do activities in a different room.

Food Spaces


Sometimes we neglect certain areas of our kitchen. Make sure you get every corner of your microwave and clean your oven that you haven’t touched in a while. Think about it, the utilities used in preparation for your food should be the cleanest spots in your home. Make sure your post-spring cleaning actions reflect this.

Sell Or Donate Things You Don’t Need

A lot of us either outgrow our clothes or just don’t wear them anymore. Instead of taking up space in your closet, try selling these items on apps like Poshmark, or donate them to charity events. The clothes that you’re not wearing could be perfect for someone else.

Get Rid Of All The Dust

Along with the grand entrance of spring comes allergy season. Help yourself out by eliminating dust in each corner of your home. Shake out and wash your mats and rugs and Clorox each surface. Not only will your space look and feel clean, but your body will react better in the long run.


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