Kourtney Kardashian Has A Major Photoshop Fail In Her Latest Instagram Post

Kourtney Kardashian is no stranger to Photoshop and being called out for a photo editing fail. Right now Kourtney is promoting her new brand Poosh with a series of photos of her naked lounging around her house. Naked sitting on her bathroom counter with her laptop, naked taking a bath with her daughter Penelope nearby and naked while posing in a bubble bath.


Kourtney’s latest photo of herself posing in the bathtub has received backlash for being heavily photoshopped.


Let’s start at the top, her neck and head are directly facing the camera. Her neck and head aren’t turned at all, which is odd because the rest of her body is to the side and her left shoulder is fully submerged under the water. To turn your head like Kourtney’s is very hard and would show stress on her neck, but for Kourtney, it’s all smooth. It’s so cool that Kourtney can turn her head 90 degrees with no stress like an owl.

Now take a look at Kourtney’s legs. Her left knee is significantly father down from her right leg, which is on top. Her left leg pops out of nowhere with no thigh in sight. Kourtney seems to be missing a thigh and her left leg appears to be longer than her right, which is something she should get checked out.

“Yeah that’s pretty bad editing,” one user commented. “You should tell your photo editor to update his skills,” another wrote.

“One of the funniest photoshops ever. Love your sense of humor! Can’t stop laughing about the leg too,” another follower commented. “The longer you look at this photo the more obviously f**ked up the editing is. Yikes,” another person wrote.

It’s ironic that Kourtney’s caption is “Love yourself as deeply as you love them,” on a photo that is heavily edited.

The photo is to promote Poosh, Kourtney’s new business venture. Fans predict the brand is a health and lifestyle brand and will be similar to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop.

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