A Single Girl’s Guide to Rom-Coms

Rom-coms were pretty much made for us single ladies. They are consistently funny and romantic, and unlike most of our past relationships, we can always count on them ending in happily-ever-after. Romantic comedies turn the tears from our latest breakup into tears of laughter, they lift us up when we’re feeling down and give us hope that we too will find the love of our lives in the most unimaginable unexpected way. The bottom line is, there’s very little these movies can’t do for us single girls.

Definitely, Maybe

What can’t Ryan Reynolds do? In this classic romantic comedy, he stars as Will Hayes, a 30-year old successful political consultant and father, in the middle of a divorce. The story begins with his daughter asking how he and her mother met and so unfolds his entire romantic history. Be prepared for twists and possibly even some tears.

The Kissing Booth

This Netflix original happens to be the most searched for Netflix rom-com in the United States right now, taking the top spot in 32 states. The movie is centered around a young woman named Elle, a high schooler who has never had a boyfriend and the guy she crushing on just so happens to be her best friend’s brother. What can go wrong when there’s a kissing booth involved? Well, without spoiling too much, a lot can certainly go wrong.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

There’s just something about Michael Cera. He may not be your ideal leading man of romantic comedy or the smoothest talker, but in this movie, he plays a sweet funny musician that ladies fawn over. The story follows the events that unfold following his breakup with the love of his life. This one’s guaranteed to get heads bobbing.

Legally Blonde

By now, most of us ladies are well aware of who Elle Woods is and her adventures as a lawyer, but it doesn’t hurt to take a trip down memory lane and start back at the beginning where those mishaps began. This movie is a great way to laugh away a bad day and celebrate girl power during Women’s History Month.

Sixteen Candles

Sixteen Candles is a classic coming of age rom-com. Molly Ringwald plays Samantha Baker whose sweet 16 is just as forgettable as it is humiliating. You’ll be laughing and cringing the whole way through.

When We First Met

If a photo booth time machine can’t get you out of the friend zone, what can? Well, you’ll just have to watch this one and find out for yourself.

Just because Valentine’s day is behind us doesn’t mean you’ll have any problem finding these happy-go-lucky romantic comedies. Classics and newcomers alike, most are all on Netflix right now available for your viewing pleasure.  

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