YesJulez Boyfriends 2021: Who Is Julieanna Dating Now?

Julieanna Goddard, better known as YezJulez, is a controversial person. She is known for her social media and is the CEO of 1AM Entertainment. The entertainment company was founded in 2016 by YesJulz. According to its site, 1AM does events, radio and is an agency.

1AM describes itself as an “entertainment company created to bring a memorable, authentic atmosphere to every city unapologetically.”

Besides 1AM YesJulz has managed musician 070 Shake the breakout artist who’s signed to Kanye West‘s label. YesJulz claims to have coined the term “Never Not Working.” But when she’s not working she’s offending tons of people.

In 2017, the New York Times dubbed YesJulz Snapchat Royalty.

In 2017, YesJulz, who is half Puerto Rican, tweeted a photo of a shirt that said, “n***as lie a lot,” and asked fans if she should wear it to a music festival she was hosting. Needless to say, she was swiftly and rightfully dragged on Twitter.

She has countlessly dissed black people and had been dubbed a culture vulture for appropriating black culture despite being not being black.

Recently, YesJulz came under fire for a freestyle she rapped. In her freestyle, she claims that she is better than black women and reassures everyone that her butt is real.

She was then called out by many black people in the music community for her ignorance.

She apologized on her Instagram story later after the backlash.

Then YesJulz has an interview with itsBIzKIt, Murda Mook and Movie Matt and came after Joe Budden for dissing her freestyle. She then attacked Scottie Beam and Karen Civil. Her comments didn’t go over well at all and she was dragged again on social media.

But now singer Daniel Caesar is coming to her defense. He went on Instagram Live to defends YesJulz’s ignorance and said, “Why are we being so mean to Julz? Why are we being so mean to white people right now?”

Caesar then went on to say that black people are too sensitive and can’t take a joke.

YezJulz will no doubt say or do something controversial again. So who has YezJulz dated? Check out her full dating history below.

YesJulz hasn’t had any confirmed boyfriends.

In 2016, another Snapchat model tried to extort YesJulz and used her sex tape as blackmail. Two people, including Snapchat model Hencha Voigt, hacked into YesJulz’s phone and stole nude photos and a sex tape from her phone.

They then tried to extort YesJulz for $18,000 and if she didn’t pay them they would leak the photos and video. They were arrested before anything was leaked.

Outside of the almost leaked sex tape, YesJulz claims that black men are super into her. She hasn’t been linked to anyone despite her claims.

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