Cardi B Defends Trademarking ‘Okurrr’ & Securing Her Bag

","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"“You think I ain’t going to profit off this shit? B***h white folks do it all the mother f**king time, so you going to be mad at me because I want to get some mother f**king money,” Cardi continued. “Let me tell you something, while I’m still here I’m going to secure all the f**king bags. Let me give y’all a secret too, it’s 2019 b***hes there are lots of ways to get rich. Let’s God get y’all some business and start minding mother f**king others. I’m going to get this mother f**king bag while I’m here ho, I don’t give a f**k.”","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"She also tweeted, “I handle business PERIOD! If you don’t have no business don’t tell me how to handle mines!”","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"Cardi followed that up with another tweet, “Learn how to play in the world we live in;$”","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"}],"displayType":"section"}]},{"elements":[{"text":"","displayType":"twitter"},{"elements":[{"text":"","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"}],"displayType":"section"}]},{"elements":[{"text":"","displayType":"twitter"},{"elements":[{"text":"","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"Cardi’s getting her bag and everyone needs to chill. What do you think about her trademark of okurr?","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"}],"displayType":"section"}]}]; var articleType = 'ARTICLE'; var favoriteImage = ''; var articleDescription = ''; var slide_index = parseInt(0); var slide_json = createSlides(slides, articleType, favoriteImage); var initial_slide = slide_index; var initial_url = location.pathname +; var base_url = '/2019/03/22/cardi-b-defends-trademarking-okurrr-securing-her-bag/'; var next_gallery = '/2016/12/23/ex-brings-erotic-photos-to-exs-wedding-details-photos/'; var first_load = true; var has_scrolled = false; var title = "Cardi B Defends Trademarking ‘Okurrr’ & Securing Her Bag"; var path = base_url