6 Helpful Ways To Heal After A Breakup

Breaks ups are tough, safe to say they are the worse. Primarily when they just occur out of nowhere, especially when they’re one-sided. One person wants to stay while the other just isn’t into the relationship anymore, the only thing that can be done by the opposing side is to let go. It’s way harder than it sounds, after a break up the most common thing that’s heard is “let go,” and personally that’s the worst and harshest thing that could be said to anyone after a breakup. Not only do we know that we need to let go but we have people around us continually telling us that when you already know and although it’s the hardest thing to hear it is what needs to be done. Here are 6 ways to heal after a breakup. Hang in there it takes time, but that doesn’t mean that time heals wounds the healing part is all on you, time is just there for you to take.

Take Space Away From The Person

Get away from each other, how do you expect to move on/heal if you guys still follow your relationship routine. It’s just gonna feel the same as it has been and that kind of familiarity with that person isn’t going to help your process, in fact, it’ll just do the opposite. Continuing to flirt, be intimate physically, talking and seeing each other all the time it’s all just going to delay your healing process, and at the end of it all hurt you even more. Take space away from each other if you guys decide to stay friends, change up your routine and see each other less or around friends and do not flirt or be alone together in private.

Talk It Out With Friends

Talking it out helps a ton because you’re not the only one knowing about the issue. It’ll feel like a weight has been shifted off your chest and friends can shine a lighter tone to the situation. They’ll tell you what you need to hear and even make you laugh here and there while tears are streaming down your face. Your friends have been there for many of your breakups and have seen you heal and move on for each one. Even if to you it feels like the end of the world and the worst heartbreak you ever had your friends will be there to hear you out and remind you how you always came out alive and better.


Don’t let this one breakup take over your life. Fill up your days with productivity. Days that were used to see your ex use them to see your friends or for yourself have a ME day from time to time. Pick up a hobby, art, dancing, writing anything that can occupy your mind with joy instead of the sadness over one person holding your mind. Stay busy and see how little you begin to think about that person and eventually go an entire day without them crossing your mind.

Listen To Happy Music

Okay, so we all been there, feeling so down that nothing at the moment can bring us back up. All we want is sadness everywhere and even listening to happy music can irritate us, but it has to be done. After a breakup beware of listening to sad, depressing songs. Music has been proven to affect our moods and giving in to listen to sad music will just make the sadness worse.

Fake It Till You Make It

Not the best advice all the time but in this situation it is. Fake your happiness till one day you wake up, and you’re actually happy. From personal experience, you’d be surprised by how much this actually works after a breakup. Whenever you feel yourself becoming sad and thinking about that person shift your thoughts, believe it or not, you actually have control of your own mind and can change the course of your minds thinking when you don’t like it. It’s actually easier than you would assume. Think positive and happy thoughts and try to leave your ex out of that equation.

Don’t Hide Emotions

It’s confusing with the whole “fake it till you make it” mindset but don’t hide your emotions. Try your best to be happier and feel happier but if you need to cry then cry. Don’t hold in feelings especially overwhelming ones like sadness. Holding things in is not good for your mind and body; it can all become too much and explode at some point. Being sad is okay.

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