If You’re a Harry Potter Fan, You Should Travel Here

Any diehard Harry Potter fan has taken the Pottermore’s quiz to find out which Hogwarts House they would be a part of if they were a student at the fictional school. A person’s placement says a lot about their personality as each house has traits that are associated with its members. Members of Gryffindor value bravery and courage. Students placed in Slytherin tend to be ambitious and cunning. Ravenclaw members value creativity and learning. Finally, those in Hufflepuff tend to be patient and loyal. Armed with this fact, UpgradedPoints.com conducted a survey to find out where members of each house are most likely to enjoy traveling.

All the houses, unsurprisingly, ranked London, England as their top travel destination, but it was most popular among those in Hufflepuff. Of course, it makes sense that those known for loyalty would be loyal to the birthplace of the Harry Potter franchise. London is a great travel destination for any loyal fan as so much of the filming was done there and you can visit many iconic places from the movies. You can travel to Cecil Court which is rumored to be Rowling’s inspiration for Diagon Alley. It is filled with little novelty shops that are sure to spark imagination. Millennium Bridge is another recognizable landmark from the franchise. It is featured in The Half Blood Prince when the Death Eaters cause it to break. Of course, you have to visit Kings Cross Station, where there is even a Platform 9 ¾ that provides an optimal photo-op. Warner Brothers Studio is another must-stop if you make it to the UK city.

The next top destination across all four houses was Paris, France, but it was most popular among those in the house of Gryffindor. While the city doesn’t offer the Harry Potter site-seeing that London does, it still has a rich history and charm that anyone can appreciate.

People placed in Ravenclaw were found to be the most likely to travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands as well as Berlin, Germany; Reykjavik, Iceland; Vienna, Austria; Venice, Italy; and Edinburgh, Scotland. This diverse list surely showcases the out-of-the-box thinking and craving for learning that those in Ravenclaw are known for.

Those in Slytherin were the most likely to ditch the international trip and travel instead to a city in the US. This wouldn’t fair too bad for any Potter fans in the house, however, as they could visit the Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando. There, visitors can experience a number of Harry Potter themed attractions, including a replica of Diagon Alley where fans can purchase a wand and (for an added fee) practice on interactive objects around the shop.