The 5 Useful Tips For A Healthy Open Relationship

Relationships are overall complicated with just two people, it’s a known thing that relationships are complicated now imagine adding more numbers to that mix. It can┬ábe messy. Open relationships are not bad at all, they are not taboo or disgusting, it’s still a relationship. If both parties of the relationship agree and are on the same page about it and feel entirely comfortable then it’s not a bad idea at all. It becomes wrong when it gets messy, this is where lying comes in, feelings of guilt and less communication occur. Believe it or not, it is possible to have a healthy long lasting open relationship and here are 5 tips on how.



This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Honesty is one of the primary keys in making a relationship work. Take this opportunity to be more honest with your significant other, if you’re not being honest then you’re lying and lying hurts more than the actions. Be mindful to bring up things with your partner and let them know how you feel, felt about the situation. If there’s a person you feel a connection and with and want to pursue let your significant other, know of it don’t hold back.


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Communication is something that a lot of people lack in relationships, and it always seems to be a reason many people break up. Developing a connection with anyone doesn’t matter if it’s with a partner or not involves communication. It’s important to express your emotions and not keep them bottled up because those suppressed emotions can create resentment. It’s important to communicate the things you do and want out of a situation to build trust.

Control That Jealousy

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Emotions are emotions they are meant to be felt and are unavoidable. Not saying don’t feel a type of way, of course not, if you feel some kind of way then express it, don’t hold back but don’t let it control you. Remember they’re your emotions they’re not you. Express them in a healthy matter and never in a rage. Remind yourself that you trust your partner if you don’t then why are you even in a relationship with them. Jealousy can always rear its ugly head especially in a relationship so when it does, stop, remind yourself you trust your partner, and bring up the concerns in a calm matter.



Just cause it’s an open relationship does not mean one can go around all willy nilly doing anything and everything they want without consequences. You’re still in a relationship with just one minor addition. Set boundaries with your partner, if you don’t feel comfortable with them being physically intimate with someone then tell them, and if they disagree with that then it’s more than an open relationship that they want. Don’t be afraid to set your rules and speak out your boundaries in this situation if you’re significant other is not okay with any of them then an open relationship is not what you guys need at the moment.

Spend Time Together

It’s important in any relationship to spend time together, not every day but here and there and make it quality time together meaning actually be in the moment with that person. Don’t cancel on your significant other for another person that you may want to pursue something with. Remember that you are still in a relationship with the first person and that relationship should come first not a few dates with another person.

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