Khloe Kardashian Turns Off Instagram Comments After Photoshop Fail

Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram has been under intense scrutiny lately. In the last year, Khloe has gone through more than anyone can imagine. Her boyfriend Tristan Thompson publicly cheated on her, she became a mom for the first time, Thompson cheated on her again with a family friend. It’s a lot, but people aren’t holding back.

Her last two selfies have been dragged for being photoshop and Khloe has apparently had enough and turned the comments on off on her latest selfie. Her photo has more filters on it than anyone could imagine. Her skin is smoothed out to look like glass and her neck looks suspiciously small.

Over filtered photos are Khloe’s signature aesthetic. Her previously seflie that got accused of being overly edited is not different. She captioned the photo, “Marilyn Monroe Vibes” because her hair is short, blonde and curly.

One user commented, “A Marilyn Monroe vibe would be with no filter as she never used them 🙄 or needed them.” Another user wrote, “Girl calm down! Facetune is getting out of hand.”

Another Instagram user chimed in, “Can you post Normal pictures not 1000xedit 😂😂😂😂”

Her selfie before that was under far more scrutiny. She shared a snap of herself in a glitter jumpsuit and people flooded the comments criticizing the photo for being photoshopped.

Fans accused Khloe of editing her thighs and legs in her post. Not only do her legs look very tiny, but her butt also looks huge, her head looks a bit too big and the stairs look slightly wonky.

“Khloe your head looks…off?” one fan asked. “What in the bobblehead is happening here,” another person inquired.

“why does she look weird in this pic??? has it been edited idk something aint right,” someone else wrote.

Her editing skills have not been the only thing to come into question lately. Jameela Jamil dragged Khloe for promoting meal replacement shakes on her page. She also got dragged for encouraging people to “love thy racist neighbor” on her Instagram story.

Looks like Khloe is sick of being dragged on Instagram and turned her comments off. Do you think her comments will be off for all future selfies?

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